Why facebook ads are not effective?

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Have you built an advertising campaign on Facebook, invested a lot of money and effort but still effective, while others succeed? And you constantly wonder why is that?

A lot of people run Facebook ads in the hope that their efforts will pay off immediately, but that often doesn’t happen the way they want it to. According to experts from sales management software on Facebook Codon.vn https://codon.vn will help you how to avoid mistakes to make Facebook ads more effective.

Why don't you understand facebook?

Why facebook ads are not effective?

1. Ads are not attractive enough

What good is your Facebook ad if the content isn’t impressive enough to attract the target audience? In this case, you must double-check that you have chosen to sell the correct product or service. Try to judge from the customer’s point of view by asking the following questions:
+ Does the solution you offer in the ad really solve the customer’s problem?
+ What is your product or service trying to deliver?
+ What is your product or service better than your competitors?

2. Profit margin is too low

This means that your business is not profitable enough, and one of the reasons is ineffective advertising. Whatever product or service you sell on your Facebook channel, make sure you’re profitable.

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3. Don’t understand the target audience

Obviously, to create a compelling ad, you need to understand your target market. Because the better you understand your audience, the more focused your Facebook ads will be. Try holding surveys, regularly listening to feedback from existing customers, etc.

4. Problems with advertising content

Try writing Facebook ad content as a story with warm dialogues, avoiding jargon. Also, use words that affect the reader/viewer’s senses – sight, touch, sound, taste, and smell.

In your ad, the story you build could be about the ideal customer with the problem he/she has. This will capture the audience’s interest and make them want to learn more about the product or service.

5. Don’t track results

Ineffective Facebook ads can also stem from your failure to track performance. For example, if you’ve paid attention to all four of the above, but aren’t tracking your ad campaign closely, then you won’t know where the focus lies.

Why don't you understand facebook?

You need to know which audiences are working, which locations are performing best, then focus your resources on that, and fix the underperforming parts. You can measure performance through Facebook Ads Manager.

6. Unable to track subject

The reality is that most people quickly exit your ad as soon as they click on it, while a few people continue to view it because they had the intention to buy in the first place. As such, your Facebook ad is almost a complete failure. At this point, the best way is to retarget.

Facebook targeting offers many benefits, from increased brand awareness to increased return on investment (ROI). Keep in mind that you need the Facebook pixel to retarget previous website visitors with relevant ads. Go to Events Manager to start installing the pixel code.

7. Giving up too soon

Most people make this mistake: Abandon Facebook ads as soon as the first one doesn’t work. However, Facebook advertising is relatively complicated because there are many factors at play, including technical issues and ad prices. So be patient and try again to become more proficient.

8. Facebook Ads Don’t Use Video

According to Facebook, video advertising is an extremely effective option, no matter what your goals and budget are.

Video content is more intuitive, engages the audience better, conveys the message better, especially when it contains content that matches their interests and desires. Through vivid images, people also easily remember what they see.

You can use different types of video assets for your ads. Examples are product demos, explainer videos, events, user testimonials, and expert interviews.

9. Low quality ads

Unfortunately, some ads create a negative experience for people. Facebook defines low-quality ads as those that:
+ Use clickbait content.
+ Leads to non-advertising landing pages.
+ Retain information to get people to click on the ad.
+ Contains spelling and grammatical errors.

When you run Facebook ads, always use high-quality, relevant landing pages and ad copy that avoid misleading content. Also if you want to refer to the articles about selling on Facebook effectively, please refer to Taimienphi.vn for the best business directions.

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