Why Dota 2 needs another longhand carry hero

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Dota is very diverse with a large number of heroes and has its own unique character. On the occasion of the upcoming release of the new Dota hero, let’s discuss and predict: how the new hero should fit into the current and future meta, as well as what role this hero should play and why the game is needed. one more long-armed carry hero (ranged hero).


The six most recently added heroes in Dota are Snapfire, Void Spirit, Grimstroke, Mars, Pangolier and Dark Willow. You can see that in the last three years, the heroes are either support or the main support hero. Of course, there are still ways to play the three core mid heroes in the latest patches, but most of these heroes are offlane in position 3 or 4.

Void Spirit is a bit of an exception because the hero has a fairly balanced mid and offlane ratio. However, Void Spirit is definitely not a carry hero. The skill set of this hero is not very strong later on, it is not worth the player to prioritize all the time to farm.

Quite surprisingly, the last carry hero introduced into the game was from the Monkey King era. That was at the end of 2016. Before that, we had Arc Warden in late 2015 and Terrorblade in early 2014. Having said that, it’s been quite a while since Dota has had a new carry in the game.


This is a very good question. There are many reasons for IceForg to choose the new hero as range carry, because this is a very limited group of heroes, at least in the current patch. We have some typical names like Luna, Gyrocopter, Medusa, Drow Ranger. Terroralde and Troll Warlord, as well as Dragon Knight could be added to this list, but DK isn’t exactly a really strong range carry in the late game.

The main point in today’s good range carries, or carries in general, is the ability to farm efficiently. Gyro has Flak, Luna has Glaives, etc… Heroes that don’t have the default farming ability don’t get much attention: when was the last time Clinkz or Sniper played as position 1 in the pro scene? Razor was picked mainly to counter certain heroes, while Morphling and Arc Warden, despite being range carry, have completely different gameplay.

It should be clear that this article is not complaining about the current design for the heroes mentioned above. Each hero has its own strengths and can be effective in specific cases. The article only complains about the limited selection in the current meta when most of the cores are melee heroes with the ability to farm quickly. Core melee can now be on Abyssal Blade to help shorten the distance with the opponent, threatening the enemy hero from afar. The core melee team also benefits from higher development stats and more stable gameplay.


The author has the article What do you want in patch 7.28 Dota 2. It points out some game problems that need to be fixed. One of the highlights was changing the amount of XP deny – Valve was forced to roll out a lot of patching solutions to increase laning power for some heroes. This is also the reason why the damage blocking and development stats of buffed melee carries are too much.

Maybe these few changes will help range carry be more favorable. Meanwhile, if things stay the way they are, the game really needs a new carry hero with flash farming.

Luna and Medusa have passive multi-shots. Drow Ranger has Multishoot and Gyrocopter has Flak. Any similarities with the skill sets above would go against Dota. Dota is a game where every hero has their own unique strengths and elements.

The game can change the mobility or expand the attack range. Currently Dota has too many items to shorten the distance. Every carry melee can now and usually does Abyssal Blade, while other heroes like Sven have their own Blue Stick pick. Carry melee reaching your audience is much easier now. Dota should have some extra options to increase the distance between ranged carry and opponent, not just stopping at Hurrican Pike.


The diversity and uniqueness of heroes is one of the unique characteristics of Dota. There are games where every hero can shine, but now it’s hard to find a suitable ranged carry in a professional draft, with the exception of Drow Ranger. We have many solutions to this problem and increasing the carry range is the easiest way.

Hopefully the new hero will shuffle the meta, either by itself or by needing help from an update. It is also possible that new items will mitigate this problem somewhat.

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