While the net shop was negligent, 2 young men stole PC components worth 60 million

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Sadly, crooks take things from net shop really is no longer a strange thing. With a large concentration of people and an “open-air” PC system, this happens at least once per shop. The stolen items also carry enough value, from a few mice, keyboards … to components costing several million. However, to damage up to 60 million of a net shop is indeed a rare thing to hear.

Accordingly, the owner of a net shop in Dong Quang, Thai Nguyen recently posted some photos taken from the restaurant’s security camera. In the photos and videos recorded, two subjects are suspected of stealing a series of PC components from the Couple’s room. The stolen components include 3 i7 8700 CPUs, 3 graphics cards including 2 models of RTX 2070Ti and 1660Ti, 4 RAM sticks of 16 GB and 32 GB types, with a total value of about 60 million.


Sharing on Facebook, the owner said that he has now reported to the Thai Nguyen City Police and asked for the help of the online community to find these two suspects. In the clip recorded from the security camera, the suspect’s face can be clearly seen and hopefully thanks to this incident everything will be clear as soon as possible.

Some comments from the community said that allowing two men to enter the Couple’s room was very suspicious. Hopefully after this incident, many other net shops can learn from their experiences and take more precautions in the future.​

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