What’s so special about the 10 year version of Kiem The?

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New sects join, new weapons appear, new equipment upgrades, exciting new events…, that’s a special birthday gift combo that the gaming community Sword of the World can be obtained as of today.

Kiem The – Decade of convergence, Ba Dao emerged.

The most prominent in this 10-year “birthday gift” list is definitely the appearance of Ba Dao. This can be seen as the most notable change of Kiem The during the past 5 years, since the day Tieu Dao joined this game. Bao Dao is also the 2nd sect of the Kim system (out of 15 sects), strengthening the balance of the five elements in Kiem The.

Anniversary edition 10 years of Swordsmanship Not only recorded the fluctuation of the sect, but also marked the appearance of a new weapon: Than Binh. Weapons of God include 9 types: Longsheng Sword, Asura Knife, Thien Co Con, Ba Vuong Thuong, Luu Tinh Mace, Tu Lan Ren, Thanh Ma Thu, Khong Tu Linh, Lotus Flower. Each type of Divine Weapon has different attributes; At the same time, when combined in each set, Than Binh will promote more hidden power.

The Than Binh Weapon System debuted in the 10th anniversary edition of Sword The World.

The existing equipment system in Sword The World has also been upgraded and expanded with many new items: 4th hole punch for equipment; Expands the Spirit of Aggression to level 300; Open 6 more items of Long Dang companion equipment including Ring, Lien, Back, Shoes, Bui, Hat; Optimizing the authentication system…

New Long Dang companion equipment.

On this occasion, Kiem The also launched a lucky wheel with thousands of attractive gifts for players through a series of birthday events: Lucky Chest receives many valuable rewards; BOSS Anniversary appears continuously for 10 days at 3pm and 9pm in different locations; Birthday Cake to celebrate Kiem The’s 10th birthday…

In particular, Kiem The also offers a series of “unique” giftcodes for gamers with items such as Dinh Quoc An Bang or Quoc Sac Thien Huong, Angel Mask, Dark Kiss mount. How to receive giftcode to celebrate this 10th birthday will be announced at Kiem The fanpage.

The 10th anniversary version of Sword The officially launched gamers today, 9/9/2019.
Home page: http://kiemthe.zing.vn/
Participation Sword The Community at https://www.facebook.com/kiemthefanclub​​

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