What’s new in this April Knives Out update

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From release date to present Knives Out constantly update new versions, fix bugs… to give players the best experience. According to information from NetEase, this April, it will be updated with new features and graphics and characters will also be refreshed. Now let’s take a look at some of the content that will be updated in this new version.

New map


A new map will be here, this new map is promised to appear diverse terrains, for players to freely explore and true wild action. It includes snowy mountains, castles, farms, floating cities, offshore rigs… and other unique scenes. Thereby helping players build diverse strategies with each location.



Of course, for shooters who love beautiful scenery, new maps will also completely meet your requirements such as flower fields with windmills, the appearance of snowy mountains in the distance, or football fields. , F1 racetrack…


Character movement upgrade

In order to restore the characters to realistic actions, NetEase has collaborated with a professional design team to research and design and upgrade the action experience of the game. This work took them 34 days and 10 hours, thanks to the professional cast and production team who produced beautiful movements of the characters。


In this update, the graphics are also upgraded, each tree, blade of grass, road, and weather are very natural. Along with that, the developers also consider the player’s ability to adapt to each terrain. The shooters can optionally adjust the graphics quality to suit your phone configuration.


Besides the above, there are many other features that will be updated, let’s wait until April to see what other new things NetEase will bring.​

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