What’s new in the Ros update 23/10?

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Early this morning, Rules Of Survival officially updated to a new version with the launch of the KOF event period 2, new characters and an extremely diverse and rich weapon system for gamers. join the fight.

At 5 a.m. on October 23, the survival game Rules of Survival conducts maintenance and updates new content, adding items. Air Blower in Air Combat mode and fixed some bugs to help players have a better experience.

Did you update ros 23 10?

2 characters appear in the October 23 ROS Update

Update Ros maintenance time 10/23

It is expected that the maintenance period may take longer than expected
– Maintenance time from 05:00 – 08:00 on October 23, 2019
During the process of upgrading to the new version, gamers cannot log in to the game, so please wait for the update process to finish.

Detailed content of ROS update 23/10

1. New Content

– Open Event 2 of KOF
+ In this 2nd season KOF event, 2 new characters appear, the famous Lori Yagami and Kyo Kusanagi, including limited car skins.
+ Every day when logging into the game, players will receive exclusive gifts KOF period 2.
+ Open the 2nd KOF notebook, add gun skins and limited items of the character Kyo Kusanagi.
Note: Event KOF is only open in Southeast Asia, North America.

– Added new Air Blower item in Air Battle mode. When using the Airborne Glider item within the Air Blower range, it will have an immediate effect of flying into the sky.

2. Fix bug

– Fix bug in some cases can climb to the roof.
– Fix the bug where Zombie Mode could not be selected.
– Fix crash app on PC version.

Above is all the content included in the latest update of Rules of Survival on October 23. The appearance of 2 characters Lori Yagami, Kyo Kusanagi and the item system will bring new gameplay for gamers.

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Link to download Rules of Survival on operating systems

Currently Rules of Survival is officially available on operating systems including PC, Android and iOS. Rules of Survival are constantly being renewed and more events appear with the aim of attracting more players.

– Link to download PC version: Download Rules of Survival
– Link to download Android version: Rules of Survival for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Rules of Survival for iPhone

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