What’s new in the 24/7 Auto Chess Mobile update?

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On July 24, Auto Chess Mobile will update and upgrade to a completely new version with the appearance of Shining Archer, a unit with the same strength as General Mirana in Dota Auto Chess.

Maintenance time to lift Auto Chess Mobile is about 23h on 24/7 (UTC) players will receive a Mystery Chest once the update is complete and you won’t be able to log into the game during maintenance.

What are you playing at 24 7 auto chess mobile?

A new champion appeared in the July 24 update

What’s new in the 24/7 Auto Chess Mobile update?

1. New Content

– Added new generals (Chess): Shining Archer (similar to Mirana Dota Auto Chess) and Ghost Prophet.
– Added item inheritance feature: When a player dies or loses, their items will fly to other houses.
– Added special effects for Win Streak and Lose Streak.
– Added Spin x5 function in Gacha.
– Add the Items Preview function (preview the effect of the item).
– Add different colors to distinguish Race and System.
– Added Candy Coupon and Donut Coupon (for international servers).
– Add Shop to buy limited time.
– English version voice adjustment.
– The seasonal reward for Queen rank players is Avatar Frames.

What are you playing at 24 7 auto chess mobile?

2. Balance between Systems and Races

– Warlock: Synergy Class adjusted from (3) and (6) to Synergy Class (2), (4) and (6); wall effect: Grants 10/20/30% lifesteal to allied attacks and skills.
– Venomancer: HP recovery increased from 40/60/80 to 50/75/100 when its skill activated
– Shadow Devil: Adjusted Requiem of Shadow’s cooldown from 20 seconds to 15/12/10 seconds.
– Goblin: (6) Race Synergy Armor for all allies adjusted from 12 to 15.
– Knight: (6) Synergy shield damage reduced from 30% to 25%.
– Devastator: Reduced bomb’s physical damage from 700/1100/1500 to 600/1000/1400.
– Strange Egg: Increased spawn rate.
– Claw Wand: Automatically activates when an enemy piece is full of Mana.

3. Modify item items

– Remove Ring of Regen from the game.
– Changed Anti-Mage Cloak grafting formula, new effect: 10 HP/s recovery, 30% increased magic resistance.
– Adjusted some display language functions to make it easier for players to understand.

What are you playing at 24 7 auto chess mobile?

4. Optimize the experience

– Optimized skill effects for most pieces.
– Optimized sound quality when fighting and using skills.
– Optimized the display image beyond the interface and the match.
– Optimized Gacha’s store interface.
– Optimized some text in the game.
– Optimized the display of the number of pieces available on the chessboard.
– Optimized the star level display of chess.
– Optimized the display of the item’s use.
– Optimized some models and actions.
– Optimized player name length.
– Optimized the player can meet one person continuously.
– Optimize the action of chess to avoid the state of chess being frozen.

5. Fix bugs

– Fixed a bug where players could not play Dream Mode after teaming up.
– Fixed an issue where Mask of maskness would disable other items.
– Fix the error of misrepresentation about Race & System.

Above are the details of the Auto Chess Mobile update on July 24, with the appearance of the new chess Shining Archer, players have one more choice for their Archer or Elf squad. Recently Auto Chess is being developed on Windows system with closed beta version, to play the trial version you need to have Auto Chess PC key By registering on their homepage, maybe you are the lucky one 😀

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