What’s new in COD Mobile Season 10 Update?

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COD Mobile Season 10 titled World Class is an update to celebrate the game’s 3rd anniversary, bringing with it a new multiplayer map, 3 Battle Royale zones and many other interesting changes. Details of the changes readers can refer to in the article Update Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 what’s new below.

The new COD Mobile Season 10 Update brings the best football players to the battlefield like Leo Messi, Neymar Jr. and Paul Pogba along with new additions to maps, weapons, and operators.

What is COD Mobile Season 10?

Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 update details

What’s new in the Call of Duty Mobile update?

1. When will COD Mobile Season 10 come out?

Activision has officially set the release date of the COD Mobile Season 10 update, specifically on 9/9/2022 come here PT. Servers will not be taken down for maintenance before the update is released. In addition, players can download the update on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store stores or can download it directly by following the download link below:

+ Download link Call of Duty for Android
+ Download link Call of Duty for iPhone

2. What’s new in COD Mobile Season 10 Update?

2.1. Battle Pass

A new Operator gun, new re-usable weapon, weapon artboard, COD points and more premium gifts will be available in the Season 10 Battle Pass.

update COD Mobile Season 10

Free Battle Pass Milestones

At level 21, players will receive LAPA, a new automatic submachine gun added to the game next season. In addition, at the 14th mark, a new character class called Quick Strike will be sent to the player’s hands. In addition, various weapon drawings, equipment and gifts will be unlocked at the 50 mark.

Battle Pass premium milestones

Unlocking the Battle Pass will bring many attractive rewards such as new Operator skins, soccer-themed gun skins of various guns such as AS10, LAPA and NA-45.

Besides, you can also refer to how to get free CP in COD Mobile here to be able to open the premium Battle Pass.

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2.2. New multiplayer map

New Map – Crossroads Strike

This new map will become one of the traditional maps, offering players many high-speed battles in a snow-covered terrain. In addition, there are many unrevealed map areas for players to explore.

do you crossroads

Crossroads is wider than the old maps, combining tall buildings to create a seemingly endless view. With tall buildings, a frozen lake, and an abandoned space station, this new map is perfect for long-range battles. In fact, this map is designed for 12v12 mode so things will be even more interesting.

2.3. New loading system

In the near future, COD mobile will test a new loading system. This is a new system that allows players to equip a variety of weapons. Selected devices can mount any type of accessories.

After locking the equipment, players can still redeem it using their own points. In the new system, you can also activate new character classes. Finally, you can redeem 1 item or weapon permanently every month.

2.4. Ranking Update

Honors will now show up in ranked matches. There are 10 different types of honors for 5 different modes including: Charge Forward, Geometry Master, Master of Capture, etc. Developers also expect players to have a specific position on the battlefield.

– Reduced rank rewards of Master I and above.
– Fixed top 5000 icon.
– Fixed the animation of character selection in ranked tournaments.

2.5. Ranking map update

Front line

– Remove complex and ineffective maps, optimize old maps for future addition.
– Remove Scrapyard MW, Miami Strike.
– Additional: Express, Hijacked.

do you have a copy of the mobile coder season 10?

Team Deathmatch

– The new map works stably, so the development team decided to add it to the general map store.
– Maps added to the general inventory: Favela, Apocalypse, Summit.
– Additional maps: Express, Hijacked.

Search and Destroy

– Maps added from S4 that work well added to the general inventory include: Favela, Summit, Takeoff.


– Maps added to the general inventory: Favela, Nuketown.
– Added maps: Express.


– Maps added to the general inventory: Apocalypse, Raid.
– Added maps: Express.

2.6. Mythical Weapon System Update

Players can choose to hide the number of mythical weapons available and customize the finishing effects of mythical weapons.

2.7. Other updates

Optimized the KD ranking algorithm to be based on total season matches.

3. Updated Battle Royal COD Mobile Season 10 mode

3.1. New game mode Escort

Consisting of 2 rounds, the offensive and defensive sides will participate together. The ultimate goal is to get the truck to the specified location as much as possible.

3.2. New Vehicle: Hover Bike

Hover Bike or Jetbike appear in campaign or Battle Royal mode. This vehicle is capable of deflecting ballistics and allows the player to fly a short distance.

When will you update COD Mobile Season 10?

3.3. Tournament mode update

The trophy mechanism has been changed to increase with each player’s performance instead of relying solely on winning matches.

Removed 4-match mechanism due to no longer suitable.

The ranking mechanism has changed, allowing players named on the leaderboard to earn up to 100 trophies per week.

3.4. Store Update

Soccer Stars

Season 10 offers the opportunity to own the character Neymar Jr. and Messi along with themed gun skins.

Mythic Spectre

New Mythical Operators gun is released with 3 special skins.

Battle Pass Vault

Allows players to purchase previous Battle Passes to own limited items. Old Battle Pass milestones will be unlocked with coins earned through each match.

3.5. Updated and optimized for COD Mobile

Weapon Editing

– New screen vibration mode brings real feeling.
– Increased hipfire and ADS firepower.
– Improved rapid fire animation, gun recoil to reduce pressure in combat.
– Updated the following weapons: SVD, ASM10, ICR-1, KRM-62, MW11, DL Q33, Kilo Bolt-Action, PKM, M13, Kilo 141 and GKS.

update codem season 10

Weapon Effect Edit

– Updated sound effects for most old guns.
– Adjusted the bullet change effect to match the sound.
– Updated weapons include: AK117, M16, Man-O-War, DL Q33, MW11/J358, SPR-208, BY15, M4, AK-47, DR-H, QQ9, FR .556, KRM 262.

Edit Scorestreaks and Operators

– Edited Scorestreaks and Operators to increase performance.
– Increased screen vibration, animation to increase the excitement when fighting.
– Modified weapons include: Scorestreaks, Napalm, Chopper Gunner, VTOL Unified Optimization, Cluster Strike, Airdrop, Shield Turret, Sentry Gun, Stealth Chopper, UAV, Hawk X3, MQ-27 Dragonfire, Operator Skills, Purifier, Reactor Core, Death Machine.

Other Edits

– Fix electric shock effect.
– Edited melee animations.
– Edit bullet effect.

3.6. Major Updates

New feature

– Allows throwing grenades with the left hand.
– Warns players about Sniper by reflected light.
– Melee weapons with Adsorption are now easier to hit.

Weapon comparison system

– Added projectile initial deflection along with maximum deflection.
– Added date display in user interface.
– Some UI tweaks.
– Fixed an issue where the bullet offset of the accessory was miscalculated.
– Fixed hip-fire bullet deflection being miscalculated.

Updating the OB . system

– Add collision switch for freestyle OB camera.
– Edit number display on minimap.
– Fixed spark hiding bug.

Update old player welcome system

– Increase the amount of characters, BP, XP for newcomers.
– Add a questionnaire for old players to help improve the game.
– Increase the value of some gifts.

Private lounge update

– Room settings will no longer be changed when changing maps.

New settings

– Allows toggle to set camera sensitivity according to screen resolution.
– Allows toggling with the left hand to throw grenades or warn sniper by reflection.

Above is the information about the Update COD Mobile Season 10, what’s new? Let’s countdown and wait for the update to come out!

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