What’s HOT in the content of Update ROS 6/1/2021?

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So the Christmas activity will end after the player updates Rules Of Survival to version 6/1/2021, round 2 weeks from the date of appearance. All features in the lobby remain the same, specifically the Update ROS 6/1/2021 as follows.

No different from last year, once a week Rules of Survival updated and added many new activities, fixed some player errors and optimized the user interface to ensure the best experience for gamers.

What's hot in your content update ros 6 1 2021?

Rules of Survival – Cross-platform survival game on PC, Android and iOS

Rules of Survival update time on January 6, 2021

– Rules of Survival update time from 05:00 come 8:00 am day January 6, 2021
– Attention
: Gamers can’t login during maintenance or update

Details of Uudate ROS version on January 6, 2021/20

1. New Content
– Close the Christmas event
+ The Xmas Robot Repair activity will disappear after the player updates the Rules of Survival to version 6/1/2021.
+ Xmas Snowball Fight and Xmas Toy features still work as usual

2. Fix bug
– Fixed a bug that could autopilot in the PC version
– Fixed an issue where the exploding Sports Car model did not match the collision
– Fixed an issue where Wingman Monsieur X could rotate when the camera was rotated.

3. Optimization
– Upgrade anti-hacking system.
– Optimize user interface across platforms nền
– Improved visual performance

Although Free Fire also has a battle mechanism similar to Rules of Survival, the game was only released for Android and iOS operating systems, but it still attracts a lot of attention from the community, gamers can play Free Fire on the computer with just a few steps, if you are interested, you can refer to the instructions below.

Reference: How to play Garena Free Fire on computer

Link to download Rules of Survival version 2021

=> Link Download Rules Of Survival for Windows
QaUl download pc - Emergenceingame

=> Link Download Rules Of Survival for Android
download now android - Emergenceingame

=> Link Download Rules Of Survival for iPhone
download now ios - Emergenceingame

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