What’s HOT in the Auto Chess Mobile 19/9 Update?

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In the Auto Chess Mobile update version 19/9 has the appearance of a new champion, the Winter Chiropteran general who has the ability to assist teammates in restoring color and being immune to all physical attack damage while healing.

The arrival of the new Winter Chiropteran champion also changes the combat system and some lineups in the current meta, and some important tweaks and changes in Duo mode that will cause Auto Chess players to have to re-acquaint themselves a bit. little.

Did you update auto chess mobile 19 9?

Add new champions, new modes in Auto Chess Mobile update 9/19

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– Link to download iOS version: Auto Chess VN for iPhone
– Link to download PC version: Auto Chess for PC

Detailed content of Auto Chess Mobile update on September 19

1. New Winter Chiropteran hero appears

The new Winter Chiropteran general with a Mage system and a Dragon race will be a reasonable choice for the Mage Dragon squad. This hero has the skill to freeze allies and heals every second, during the frozen period the character will not take damage by attacks (both magic and physical).
– Cost: 1 Gold
– Ethnicity: Dragon
– System: Mage
– Last skill (Ultimate move, Ultimate): Freezes allies and heals 10% per second, duration varies by level 2/3/4. Frozen objects will not take any damage.

did you update auto chess mobile 19 9 hot 2

2. New mode and other changes.

– Added Dou mode between 2 players.
– Other changes:
+ Add automatic Start-up function in the Setting section.
+ Add auto-deployment function in settings
+ Add Serial . leaderboard
+ Added Chess Pass level leaderboard

3. Additions and some corrections

– Optimized for devices.
– Added optimization guide for devices.
– Redesigned Winstreak display.
– Optimized Duo mode, added hero sharing information between players.
– Added suggested squad function in Novice Mode.
– Added display for Queen Season 2 achievers.
– Optimized Avatar display item
– Show prices for items in the Store (store).
– Can exchange items in the Store.
– Can skip the recorded Animation.
– Random BGM can be played on the homepage.
– Star-Up button (upgrade units on the field) is added to the game interface.
– Rename function loses Donuts instead of Losing Candy.
– Steel Platemail and Lucky Coin will no longer be easily found (more difficult).
– Optimized the display of Steel Platemail item.
– Fixed typos in Game Mode selection (player mode).
– Change the price of recharge packages.
– Update Gatcha.
– Adjusted some items in the Store.
– Added effect on blood loss and changed in settings.
– Can create a team of 2 people to fight Ranked.

Above are the details of the Auto Chess Mobile update on September 19, a brand new addition of Winter Chiropteran to the Mage lineup would be something completely exciting. All information about the game will be continuously updated by us on the website, please keep an eye on it.

During the experience, there are often lag situations that you don’t know the reason for, please refer to How to play Auto Chess VN without lag? us here, in just a few easy steps.

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