What’s HOT in the Arena of Truth 9.19 update?

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In the last days of September 2019, Riot has brought to the Teamfight Tactics a huge update, changing the entire equipment system, many tweaks and most notably the new champion Kai. ‘Sa. The following is the detailed content of the update of Truth Arena 9.19 Taimienphi sent to readers.

The appearance of the new champion Kai’Sa and the item Training Gloves in the Arena of Truth 9.19 will be huge changes in the current meta gameplay, 2 General Anivia and Miss Fortune tier 5 also changed to be able to receive more choices from players.

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Truth Arena 9.19

Detailed content of the Truth Arena update 9.19

1. New Hero Kai’Sa
Kai’Sa is a new champion that will appear in the Truth Arena update 9.19 in League of Legends, the champion who owns 3 Heroic Tribes at the cost of 5 Gold will rush to the enemy and attack them with amazing attack speed. soul for 3 seconds.
– Ethnicity: Nowhere
– System: Archer – Assassin
– Cost: 5 Gold
– Skill: Kai’Sa dashes to the furthest enemy and attacks them, additionally gaining a damage shield (300/600/900) and increasing attack speed for 3 seconds (30%/60%). /90%).

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2. New equipment
Training Gloves
– Increases Critical Rate by 10% and and also Hit Rate by 10%.
– When pairing equipment from Practice Gloves, that complete item will automatically convert its primary stats in the direction of attack (+20% Critical Rate), or defense (+20% Dodge Rate). Thieves Gloves and Gladiator Gloves have both.

3. System Tuning
Damage received when losing players will be fixed
– Hero 2 Gold 1 star deals 1 damage
– Hero 2 Gold 2 stars deal 2 damage
– Champion 1 Gold 3 star deals 3 damage
– General 2 Gold 3 stars deal 5 damage
– 3 Gold 3 star generals deal 6 damage

Adjusted the mysterious item box system
– The average amount of gold from Common and Uncommon boxes will decrease.
– Gold Box has a lower spawn rate
– 4 Gold Heroes will no longer spawn from Uncommon boxes.
– Increased Neeko Help spawn rate from all boxes.

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4. Adjustment of Clans/Types
– Dragon: 2 Dragons have 83% magic damage resistance down to 75% magic damage resistance.
– Ice Tribe: Stun duration from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds and increased stun chance by 20%/30%/45% to 20%/33%/50%.
– Nowhere: 2 Void will have a random champion deal true damage and 4 Void will all deal true damage.
– Yordle: Evasion chance increased from 35%/60% to 30%/60%/90%

5. Adjustment of equipment
– Dragon Claw: 83% magic resistance to 75% magic resistance
– Tim Bang: Reduce attack speed by 30% to reduce attack speed by 35%
– Search infinity: Critical Damage + 200% down to +150%
– Cannon Lien Thanh: Removed the effect of hitting the enemy
– Great Snake Ax: Smash damage equal to 10% health down to 3%
– Wind Sword: Removed stacking effects (cannot stack)

Above is all the content that appeared in the update of Truth Arena 9.19, which was released not too long ago. With the new Training Gloves equipment, it will likely bring a lot of changes in gameplay, usage, or other ways of pairing that gamers need to grasp right now. set up Tactics Arena shortcuts are extremely important things that you need to know, they help you to have standard operations and much faster in some situations.

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