What’s HOT in PUBG PC’s 7.3 update?

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Update 7.3 PUBG PC has officially appeared on the servers and brings many new changes to the super survival shooter, players can get their hands on C4 weapons and a series of features have been waiting from very long time.

When it comes to things that do heavy damage to kill enemies for a chicken dinner, you have a lot of options in PUBG PC. But if you’re looking for something with a big impact that deals massive damage, then C4 is the perfect choice. This item only appears when the player Update PUBG PC to version 7.3.

What are you hot for? 7 3 pubg pc

Update 7.3 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PC

Detailed content of update 7.3 PUBG PC

1. New C4 Weapon

C4 is an interesting new weapon like no other Battle Royale game, they give players a completely different style of leveling up opponents and destroying them. With a massive 25 meter blast radius, armor piercing damage, the C4 makes you just want to run after hearing their beeps.

– C4 will start emitting a chirping sound as soon as it is thrown and automatically explodes after 16 seconds, the default time cannot trigger the explosion earlier.
– The less time it takes to explode, the louder the cry emitted from C4 will be, the brighter the light will be.
– C4 does not stick to the player but has the ability to stick to most types of vehicles, wall surfaces…
– 25m damage radius, armor penetration for everyone without exception
– C4 can appear in the Relief Box on Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok maps

you have the hottest 7 3 pubg pc what

2. Add follow feature

This feature used to appear in PUBG PC in previous versions, but because of an error, NPH has temporarily removed it. Now gamers can use them to follow their teammates skydiving, not having to time or manually jump like before.

3. Improve the train system

In the Vikendi map, Tencent added a number of other train routes that go along the center of the map, improved visuals and sound to help players know when the train arrives or when the train is about to run. To map out a more reasonable strategy, the number of carriages has also been improved.

you have the hottest 7 3 pubg pc what

4. Vehicle tuning

– Vehicles no longer explode when HP drops to 0 instantly, they will slowly ignite and explode after 5 seconds giving the player time to move.
– When moving the vehicle accidentally or upside down, the player does not receive additional damage.
– After exploding, nearby players immediately take a damage and they depend on the distance they are standing from the vehicle.

5. Experience optimization and bug fixes

– Improved combat observation interface
– Improved system pop-up notifications for smoother display
– Changed the logo for the 6x scope and shotgun barrels
– Reduced FPS stutters/lags that can occur when opening the in-game inventory for the first time
– Edit custom match list.

The above is all the remarkable content in the latest 7.3 PUBG PC update that readers need to know before joining the battle, please increase FPS PUBG PC up to make your experience better.

Currently version 7.3 PUBG PC is being tested on the test server and will be released soon in the near future, please look forward to it, now download other versions of the game here.

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