What kind of fate will Deadpool be if he goes home with Mickey Mouse?

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Job Disney repurchase 20th Century Fox is considered one of the hottest news in the end of the year. However, that is accompanied by the anxiety of many fans, because they are afraid that famous Fox movies like Deadpool (labeled R) has a completely different style from home movies Disney. Will the film continue to keep its original style? Even the main actor of Deadpool – Ryan Reynolds also felt confused about his future when he returned to Disney. Recently, he posted on his personal Twitter page a photo mocking the fact that Deadpool back to Disney as well as being in prison.


It can be seen that, so far, Disney’s products are aimed at images suitable for children. But Deadpool which is known as an R-rated comedy (16+), so the current biggest concern of the audience who loves this movie is Deadpool Will it change to a more innocent, child-friendly style or possibly be wiped out from the empire Disney. However, the disposal Deadpool It probably won’t happen, because this is a movie that has been a huge hit for the Fox when it was released last year. But this success is also thanks to the “vulgar” character of the “anti-hero” character. Deadpool.


According to Hollywood news, CEO Disney Bob Iger said: Deadpool seems to have become one of the products that make up Marvel’s success in recent years. We thought maybe this is our chance to start producing R-rated movies of Marvellike Deadpool So. We want to let the audience know that no matter what happens in the future, we will handle it well so as not to disappoint everyone.”. If in the future, Disney really produce attractive R-rated movies like Deadpool then it is very likely that those products will bring this big man a big profit. At the same time, the company’s films will also be diverse and bring to the audience more new things.


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