What is the average MMR in Dota 2?

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Reddit user u/MrKearns posted an article on r/Dota2 with a link to, a website dedicated to tracking Dota 2 stats.

On the website’s MMR page, the owner of the article collected data from about 4.5 million accounts that were publicly shared about rankings and games. According to this data, the “median” – a form of averaging – in Rank dota 2 is currently Crusader 5.

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According to the Dota 2 wiki page, the Crusader 5 rank is equivalent to 2400 MMR – the old numerical ranking system. This number has not changed too much over the years. A blog post posted by Valve from 2013 shows similar results.

If you’re wondering how much you take with other players, here are some metrics:

— Crusader 2: more than 30% of the total players
— Crusader 4: higher than 40% of the total players
— Archon 1: higher than 50% of the total players
— Archon 3: higher than 60% of the total players
— Archon 5: higher than 70% of the total players
— Legend 2: higher than 80% of the total players
— Legend 5: higher than 90% of the total players

However, website owners acknowledge this data is not final, but it is the closest we can get if Valve decides not to share this information. MMR has long been a controversial topic, but it seems that the distribution system in ranks does not really change much, if at all, very little.

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