What is email encryption? How to Encrypt Email?

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Increasingly, security threats and information security are increasing and therefore require more secure security measures. Whether an individual or a business organization, the issue of information security is considered a top important task. So we need to learn what is email encryption? How to Encrypt Email? To secure your data and communication, using the Mailvelope add-on on browsers is one of the useful ways.

At this point can talk encode considered a “savior”. To ensure the security of information and email content, it is best to manipulate the process of encrypting those emails when logging in to gmail, for example. In the article below, Emergenceingames.com will introduce Email Encryption what? How to Encrypt Email? to enhance the security of your personal information every time you need to contact someone through an email service on the internet.

What is email encryption?

Email encryption is the process of converting email information or data into code, which cannot be accessed by other users without permission. In simple terms, encryption is the “key” and the important mechanism, to open a lock requires you to have the key and likewise to access the encrypted data, you must have encryption key.

In the next section below Free Download will introduce and show you how to send encrypted email to email clients.

Most important documents such as statements, contracts, agreements like NDAs, job offers and other personal documents need to be encrypted and secure. To encrypt your email as well as to secure important data you will have to resort to the help of a few tools.

How to encrypt email with Mailvelope?

Mailvelope is quite special program, this program is compatible on both Windows and Mac operating systems. The biggest plus of that program is that Mailvelope is an extension available on browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla. In addition, users can also use Mailvelope on both Linux and Chromebook.

You can download Mailvelope here:

=> Link to download Mailvelope for Firefox
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=> Link to download Mailvelope for Chrome
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Mailvelope is quite popular with users because the program allows users to encrypt any email without having to install any additional tools.

To download and install the Mailvelope extension, open the Chrome or Firefox browser on your computer and visit the page:

After completing the installation process, proceed to log into the gmail that you want to secure and then click on the Mailvelope icon with a lock in the top right corner of the browser window to get started.

Click select Add then click select Key Management tab => Generate key. Fill in your details then submit. Once the process is complete, a key will be generated for you.

If you want to set a higher level of security, click Advanced and then fill in your information, then click Generate .

Finally download the key and send it to the user you want to give email access to. This is to ensure that no 3rd party can interfere.

Compose encrypted email

What is the email address?

Step 1: To compose an email, both the sender and the receiver will have to exchange keys, and use each other’s keys. To do this, click on “Import Keys” in the left pane.

The sender and the receiver enter each other’s keys into the frame, then click the button Import .

What is the email address of the email address?

Step 2: Now you can access webmail normally and start composing emails. During the process of composing an email, on the screen you will see a small logo in the right corner as shown below.

What is the email address?

Click on that icon and you will be taken to the encrypted window. This is to ensure that your email is saved in drafts on the regular email server.

In case if you receive an encrypted email from a certain user, hover the mouse pointer over the email and an envelope icon will appear. Enter your password if asked and your email will be opened.

What is the email address of the email address?

Encrypt emails with Virtru Secure Email

The “traditional” encryption methods seem to no longer suit the increasing needs of users. Nowadays most users tend to use encryption methods like S/MIME to protect their emails. However this method only works in case if you are sending email in a group. And since many of them don’t use the S/MIME standard, they won’t be able to access encrypted emails.

What is the email address of the email address?

You also don’t need to worry too much because there is still another solution to encrypt and secure your email using Virtru Secure Email extension for Outlook.

Download Virtru Secure Email plugin and install it here:

=> Link to download Virtru Web
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=> Link to download Virtru for Chrome
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=> Virtru download link for Android
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=> Link to download Virtru for iPhone
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After installing Virtru Secure Email, restart Outlook and the Virtru Welcome window will appear on the screen. Click select “Authorize Me” and select the email address you want to allow.

Next, click “Activate these emails” and you are done with the process.

As shown in the illustration you can see the Virtru conversion button displayed on the Outlook window.

Make sure that during emailing this toggle button stays inactive. Encrypting with Virtru is quite easy and is the exact opposite of encryption with PGP.

For recipients, if they already have Virtru installed, they don’t need to install Virtru Secure Reader.

Email readers will be confirmed by signing in with their Gmail account or verifying their email. Once verified, the recipient can read the message directly. Furthermore, recipients can reply using Secure Reader and the attachments they send will also be encrypted.

Other useful features include the option to set an email expiration date. With this extension, before sending any email you have set a clear time period when your email will expire.

There are also some other notable features are Disable Forward (disable forwarding), this is to ensure that the recipient cannot forward your email to anyone else.

Encrypt email on Outlook

On Outlook, Microsoft integrates an extra security feature. During composing any email, access File =>Properties. Then click Security Settings then tick the box Encrypt message contents and attachments.

What is the email address of the email address 6

After composing the email, just click Send done.

In case if you want to encrypt all outgoing messages, click on the tab Filethen select Options => Trust Center => Trust Center Settings . All you need to do is toggle the encryption button to ON for all emails. To do this, you switch to the tab Email Security under Encrypted Email and select the option named “Encrypt contents and attachments for outgoing messages”.

Also you can also access Settings and select a specific Certificate.

If the recipient does not have the corresponding encryption key, a message will appear on their screen:

This item cannot be displayed in the Reading Pane. Open the item to read its contents.

And if you try to open any email, the screen will display a message:

Sorry, we’re having trouble opening this item. This could be temporary, but if you see it again you might want to restart Outlook. Your Digital ID name cannot be found by the underlying security system.

Above, Emergenceingames.com introduced to you What is email encryption? How to Encrypt Email? so that you have more knowledge about security methods used by information agencies and governments around the world to avoid revealing confidential information.

Gmail is currently the email box with the largest number of registered Gmail users today, so it does not mean that it has absolute security, if you have signed up for gmail to be the main mailbox for your work, Please perform email encryption in the above way to secure your information.

In addition to gmail, there are many other online mailbox addresses that you can choose to register for your own email, with each service there will be different ways to register for email.

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