What is Clash of Clans Pets? How to use it?

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The latest version of Clash of Clans has been released with many interesting innovations. One of them is the new Clash of Clans Pets or pet system with many special abilities.

The Hero (hero) in the strategy game Clash of Clans Now you can fight with your Pet – a trusted companion to help strengthen the Hero. If you are not clear about Hero Pet and how to use them in Clash of Clans, do not skip the article below.

Clash of Clans Pets

What is Clash of Clans Pets? How to use it ?

What is Clash of Clans Pets ?

Clash of Clans Pets is a completely new character system in Clash of Clans. Pet House will be unlocked after players upgrade to Town Hall 14. In addition to being a place for players to manage and upgrade their Pets or pets, Pet House is also a place where players can Choose which pet will join the Heroes in the battle.

How to use Pet

After successfully unlocking The Pet House, you will get your first pet named LASSI. The more The Pet House is upgraded, the more pets you will own. In addition, you can also upgrade Pets, helping them increase their combat stats by using magical equipment.

The table below will explain what you need to achieve to be able to own different types of Pets.

Clash of Clans Pets is what

List of pets, pets in Clash of Clans


LASSI is the first pet the player owns after unlocking the Pet House. As the Ground system, LASSI is often used to attack targets within 2.5 cells. This is one of the Pet types with the fastest movement speed in the game with a movement index of 32, on par with Headhunter or Goblin. In addition, LASSI has the ability to jump over walls and is extremely useful because it can attack the Barbarian King even when he is hiding behind the wall.

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Despite having a low HP, LASSI can reach deep into the enemy base and increase the Hero’s damage significantly. When knocked out, LASSi will attack the buildings closest to it.

2. Electro Owl

When The Pet House reaches level 2, this Pet will be unlocked. Electro Owl uses the same Chain Lightning move as Electro Dragon, but only deals 80% damage to the second target. This Pet’s attack range depends on the Hero it fights with, usually 1 tile to Barbarian King, 5 squares to Archer Queen, 7 tiles to Grand Warden.

What is Clash of Clans?

Electro Owl’s attack target is decided by Hero, and it will be destroyed quite quickly if fighting with Ground Hero because the HP of this Pet type is quite low. When knocked out, Electro Owl will attack Hero.

3. The Mighty Yark

You will get this Pet after unlocking The Pet House level 3. Despite having the highest HP in the Pet lineup, Mighty Yark has quite weak attack power. With its ability to break walls, Mighty Yark is especially useful when fighting the Barbarian King and Archer Queen.

Clash of Clans collection list

When the new Mighty Yark is released, it will attack minions, including the Skeletons on the ground. After the update in September 2021, Mighty Yark can only deal damage to a single target. If the Hero is defeated, this Pet will become enraged and attack the nearest target within 8 seconds with higher damage and buffed movement speed.

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4. Unicorn

This is the type of Pet that will appear after unlocking level 4 of The Pet House, which has a healing effect on the Hero. Unlike Healers, Unicorn can heal both air and ground troops. In addition, Unicorn also has the ability to jump over walls like LASSI to be able to follow the Hero, so it can heal both the Grand Warden and the Royal Champion.

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However, this is the type of Pet with the weakest HP, so it needs to be carefully protected. When fighting with slow-moving Heroes like Archer Queen or Royal Champion, it will take a long time to complete the healing. When the Hero is knocked out, this Pet is still effective and can continue to heal other targets.

Here is information about the types Pet and How to use Pets in Clash of Clans. Emergenceingames.com hopes that you can quickly become familiar with the Pet system to be able to fight more effectively in this strategy game.

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