What does it take to build a monument in the AOE Empire?

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Empire is a strategy game written by Microsoft in the late 80s, AOE 1 is well received and supported by many people and AOE has become dominant in the strategy game village, the following article will tell you. What does it take to build a monument in the empire or the Wonder house and the conditions to build it.

In the AOE empire, there are 12 types of troops representing 12 countries, each type of army will have its own advantages and disadvantages, being the symbol of that country. To win, the player needs to destroy all of the opponent’s units or build Wonder Also a way to win.


Wonder, also known by another name, is the winner. This is a symbol of the power of an empire, you must build and protect it in a certain amount of time, you will win.

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How long can it be?

Conditions for building Wonder, victory house, monument in AOE empire

Only built in 4th generation: The House of Victory is a huge structure, a symbol of an empire built only in the Iron Age (4th generation) in AOE.

– To build a monument, the player needs to spend

+ 1000 wood
+ 1000 stones
+ 1000 gold

Construction is fast or slow depending on the number of people using it

Therefore, players should build as far as possible, away from the surrounding enemies, as they will not stop attacking the monument until the building is destroyed. If it is built and lasts for 2000 years in the game, the player will automatically win.

In the AOE empire, players require tactical thinking, quite good to use and combine with other types of troops to be most effective, coordinate troops with teammates to destroy the enemy in the fastest way. Maybe, the way to play empire seems simple but extremely complicated, must coordinate very smoothly with each move to be able to win.

It can be said that AOE empire is the best real-time strategy game to date, which can be used to relax after a stressful working day. If you are a lover of strategy games, you should not ignore AOE.

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