VLTKm : Sad disciple trot falls in love with his master – a married man

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Love stories between teachers and students are not rare and hard to find in real life. And even when the era of online games explodes like now, the friendship in the game is the predestined for couples to fall in love, especially the love of husband and wife.

And Martial Arts Mobile (VLTKm) is not a game outside of that rule. The community of this game has witnessed countless beautiful love stories from this master-mad relationship. Besides, many girls are not afraid to confess to their monk and affirm that his master is their ideal boyfriend.

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However, no matter how close the relationship is, the love for my master is not always easy to confess, but it is just a sad one-sided love story because in the end, I am just a person. a 3rd person no more no less. It’s even more awkward when that person even has a wife and children in real life. So is there a solution that is considered the most positive way out of this tangled love?

Like the recent confided article that Emergenceingame.Com accidentally read on the Confession page of VLTK Mobile – where gamers express their thoughts and feelings that are difficult to put into words, a girl is currently very confused when playing the game. discovered that she had a special affection for her master and that girl had to try very hard to suppress and extinguish that feeling because she knew it was wrong when her master in real life was a man who had family.​


“Like many other girls, I also like my master. At first, they were close friends, they talked too much. Sometimes waiting for his message. Then make me his beloved disciple. He said that because I always understood what he said correctly, according to my master’s words, I was quite intelligent.

But gradually, I forced myself to give up the thought of liking him, everyone, because my master already had a wife and children. I don’t like that stupid situation. But the actual version doesn’t do that. Sometimes when I see him being intimate with other girls, I also feel uncomfortable.

I am a very proud person, many people say that if I like a person, I have to say so that people can still know the way. But I don’t, I always hide who I like. If you like someone and become the 3rd person, it’s better to leave. I think I’m the eldest who gets bored quickly, I think I’ll stop liking it after a few days, but I’m liking my master more and more as time goes on.”

The confidants are enough to see the discomfort as well as the torment in the little girl’s heart. But all outsiders or herself are aware that these are feelings that should not be had and can be extinguished as soon as possible. Hopefully, after the sincere advice and encouragement from other players, our female gamer will be even more motivated to be decisive with this fruitless love story.

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