Valve is developing its own version of Dota Auto Chess

Valve is developing its own version of Dota Auto Chess
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Valve just announced they are developing a standalone Dota Auto Chess, the hugely popular mod created by Drodo Studio. Valve said it and Drodo will continue to “support each other to the fullest.”

After meeting with the Auto Chess team, it appeared that the two sides could not work together for “multiple reasons”, according to Valve. However, this did not affect the relationship between the two parties and Valve shared that they had received Drodo’s “wish” in developing the Auto Chess standalone version.

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While Valve will be making its own version of Auto Chess, Drodo is also busy developing a mobile version that doesn’t have anything to do with Dota. To show its support for Drodo, Valve said it will help Auto Chess players transfer their account information to Drodo’s mobile game.

“As fans of Dota2, we are very confident in Valve’s new game, and hope it will be a world-class game,” Drodo shared on the blog. “In the meantime, with Valve’s support, Drodo will continue to update the DAC mod, and try to design new modes and apply them to his standalone.”

This move surprised many people. With the popularity of Auto Chess, many expect Valve to hire the Drodo team or integrate Auto Chess into the mainstream game. But for “many reasons” according to Valve, Drodo will continue to develop its own mobile version while Auto Chess will have Valve’s own product.

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