Using Youtube, how to use Youtube on Windows

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Youtube is a popular video site, surely you are no stranger. However, not everyone knows the tricks and tips to use Youtube effectively. Please refer to the writing below for more details.

You often listen to music and watch videos on Youtube. Surely you will feel uncomfortable with some features, such as automatically switching to 360p when the network is weak, displaying other content when finished watching videos, not being able to download videos from youtube to your computer. Don’t worry, we will guide you to use Youtube most effectively.

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Using Youtube, using Youtube on Windows

1. Fast forward to the nth minute

You want to send a video to your friends via Youtube. However, the funniest scene only appears at 3 minutes. Before sharing on facebook, you can remind everyone “Come to the 3rd minute and there will be a nice surprise”. This seems to take away the surprise of the video. Instead, set the video’s start time by adding #t=AAmBBs at the end of the link with AA and BB are minutes and seconds respectively at the start of the video. Example 3:12 has a hot scene, you want to start at 2:56, add at the end of the link #t=02m56s

2. Always watch in best mode

When the network is weak and want to watch videos in full screen mode, do you feel annoyed when the picture quality is too bad? To make Youtube always choose the highest resolution (HD), do the following:

– Login to Youtube

– Find the username in the upper right corner, select Account

– Switch to cards Playback. Under section Video Playback Quality choose Always choose the best quality for my connection and player size. Afterward Save to change

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3. Turn off related content

You don’t like showing related videos at the end of the video. When embedding a video on a blog or forum, you can do the following:

– Open any video on youtube, select Embed under the player

– Unchecked Show suggested videos when the video finishes.

– Copy the code in the section Embed and just share.

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4. Download youtube videos to your computer

We have a detailed tutorial on Download Youtube videos to be . Refer to it for more on how to do it.
Here are a few tips to help you use YouTube effectively. Currently, Youtube is the number one video network, so more and more companies and individuals are participating in this playground. Please refer to how download many YouTube Videos at the same time for more details.

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