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The habit of leaving the game in Windows mode and turning on Chrome Besides or using the second screen for Facebook monitoring is no longer strange to us gamers.. However, Chrome has always been notorious as a Browser consume RAM, which affects more or less performance if run in parallel with games or other software. The sad news is that in its latest version, Google says Chrome will consume even more RAM.


Specifically in the version Chrome 67, Google mentioned a new security feature called “Site Isolation” or “Website Isolation”, which allows Chrome to protect PCs from attacks from the notorious Specter security flaw. It is worth mentioning that this feature will start with Chrome by default, not allowing users to turn it off… and more importantly, it will consume 10-13% more RAM in the total number of activities that the browser does. This browser does.


For PCs that only have about 4GB of RAM, 10-13% is a significant number, making this change immediately met with concerns from users, especially with the part of gamers who always performance for gaming. Not only that, but with Chrome’s reputation for consuming RAM so far, it could become a less attractive option for the general community.

Google probably also understands this reaction from users and promises to continuously optimize Chrome in the future, especially after Microsoft publicly pointed out that using the browser will have a strong impact on laptop battery life. However, in the short term, Chrome 67 will still make many people unhappy because the new feature will use more RAM from the PC.


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