Use Cheat Engine to earn “sun” in the game Plants vs Zombies

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Cheat Engine is an extremely popular and popular gaming tool today. Virtually every game can use this free game-changer. From simple games like “Dragon Boy” to even a classic game like “Plants vs. Plants Zombies“Cheat Engine can also be used.

Cheat Engine Portable

Use Cheat Engine to play Plants vs. game. Zombies in particular and Use Cheat Engine to change game parameters Generally speaking, it is no longer too strange for computer users and gamers … amateurs. However, many people are still very “chicken” in this, so the following article will guide you how to use the Cheat Engine on the computer through the PvZ game.

Of course, when “cheat game”, your computer must already have the game Plants vs. Game. Zombies and okay Install Cheat Engine Alright.

Play the game Plants vs. Game. Zombies need the most money (gold) to be able to buy lots of trees and other help. Therefore, we can use Cheat Engine to “get” more money while playing this game.

Step 1: You open the game Plants vs. Games. Zombies and play for a few minutes for money. Here is an example, initially we will have 25 gold.

Start playing

Step 2: Pause the game again and start up the Cheat Engine software. From the main interface, left click on the computer icon (Select a process to open) as shown in the image below.

Turn on Cheat Engine

A smaller window appears, you drag the scroll bar and find the location of the running game program, left-click on it and then select next. Open.


Step 3: In the frame Value, you enter the current amount you currently have into it (25 gold) then click First Scan.

First scan
Enter the amount corresponding to the amount in the game

There will be a lot of results as shown below (in the box Found).

Show results

Step 4: Back in the game, you continue to play to change the original amount (it can be increased or decreased, does not matter). Suppose here we play for numbers money increased from 25 to 125.

Play next game
Continue to play the game to change the original amount

Step 5: Then continue on Cheat Engine and enter new amount into the frame Value, choose next Next Scan. The right (Found) a corresponding value will appear. Sequence:

  • Left click on that value.
  • Click on the icon red mouse pointer to appear Table Extras.

Next Scan

You double click the left mouse button on the column Value in Table Extras (spot value for money) to open the board Change Value and change the value in it to the number you want. Finished import OK to complete.

Changes in value


Right double click on the correct position Value, because if you click outside, the value table will still appear, but change the information of another item.

Select Value

For example:

If the click is not correct, the value table will probably be of “description“, the changed value is still received, but it has no effect.

Enter the new value
Select and change the wrong item information to be executed

Step 6: When changing the value, you click on the square in front of it, if there are many same values, check the item you have chosen to change. Then go back to the game and see the “money amount” has been changed.

Successful change


  • If when changing the amount for the second time, select Next Scan nothing appeared. You repeat the operation from step 4 (play the game to change the amount – re-enter Cheat Engine – Next Scan).
  • If you do not do it many times, turn off the game completely and go to Cheat Engine and restart.
  • Values ​​in the table Table Extras Usually there is only one, but if there are many, you choose any value to change.
  • Mark the correct tick with the changed value.
  • Cheat Engine only changed value in Value in Table Extras, other values ​​will have no effect.


With this way, you will easily pass all levels given by the game screen. However, also encourage players not to abuse because it will lose the appeal and challenge of the game.

Clip manual Cheat Engine to make money in PvZ game:

Wish you all success!

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