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Upload photos, upload photos to Photobucket do you know how to do it yet? The following article we will guide you in detail from the registration step to how to upload and upload images to that page. From there you can share photos or videos with friends and family.

The advantage of Photobucket is that it allows you to download images and videos for free and also provides you with a Code from which you can insert it into your blog or other social forums as well as use convert black and white photos to color online. The following article will guide you how to do it, please consult with us.
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Instructions to register, upload photos, upload photos to Photobucket

Sign up for a free account on Photobucket:

Step 1: Visit the page Photobucketclick select Sign up. You can also use your Facebook account to log in (In this article we will show you how to register a new account).
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Step 2: Fill in the information in the available boxes such as:
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– Email address
– User name
– Password, password
– Birth Date: Date of birth.
– Gender
– Tick: I’m not a robot (If any).

Finally click Create Accountthe registration process is simple and fast, no verification required.

Upload photos, upload photos to Photobucket:

Step 1: After successful registration, you log in with the account you just registered. Click select Upload
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Step 2: Here with:
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– Upload from: Allows you to upload photos from your computer, from Facebook or from any website that requires a URL.
– Upload to: Allows you to create new Albums and set modes Public or private
– Choose photos & videos: To select photos and videos from your computer to start uploading to the Photobucket site. You can also use the drag and drop method of photos and videos here.

Step 3: Once the photo is uploaded, you can title your photo
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Step 4: Clicking on that image will display the necessary information about the photo you need, which can be sent to friends or inserted into a blog….
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Here’s how you can upload your images to Photobucket, from where you can insert them into your blog, or post them on forum sites or email them to your friends…. You can join! see moreway post pictures on facebookours here.

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