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This week, the survival game Rules of Survival will continue to update a lot of new content, specifically on December 4, the Rules Of Survival game will open the Season 11 season with many new content and games. Players participating in ranked matches receive rewards based on the player’s rank.

After the maintenance period Update Ros 4/12 When the S10 season is over, Rules of Survival gamers can experience the new Hero character, the Countess of Immortal, with the ability to absorb HP every time a warrior is eliminated.

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Season 11 Season Launch

Version upgrade maintenance time

– Maintenance time starts from 05:00-08:00 December 4, 2019
– Note: It is expected that the maintenance time will last for 3 hours and maybe more, gamers cannot log in while Rules of Survival are undergoing maintenance.

Detailed content of the Ros Update on December 4

1. New Content

– After the maintenance, the S10 season will end and the S11 season will begin. After the new season is opened, the Ranked leaderboard data and this season’s trophy data will be deleted, All players participating in the Ranked Tournament will receive the season bonus based on the player’s tier.
+ Master: High Supply Ticket*60, Harley Rider Set, Grand Master S10 Sign.
+ Tinh Anh: High Supply Ticket*50, Harley Rider Set, Grand Master S10 Sign.
+ Diamond: High Supply Ticket*33, Harley Rider Set, Grand Master S10 Sign.
+ Platinum: High Supply Ticket*25, Harley Rider Set.
+ Gold: High Supply Ticket*16, Harley Rider Set.
+ Silver: High Supply Ticket*8.
+ Bronze: High Supply Ticket*5.

2. Fix bug

– Fix bug in Air Battle mode, some icons displayed incorrectly.
– Fix bug in 20v20 mode, the parachute will disappear after a while.
– Fix the bug where the left fire button disappeared.

3. Feature optimization

– Optimized Hero mode
+ Increase damage in safe zone of Round 5 and 6 to increase late game tempo.
+ New Hero: Undead Countess Debuts. The Immortal Countess has the ability to absorb the HP of other players, every time the other warrior is eliminated, the Immortal Countess will become stronger. In addition, this hero can also sacrifice these bonus effects to increase his fighting ability.
+ New Heroes will be free for the first week.

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Download Update Ros 4/12 Season 11

If you do not know where to download the game Rules of Survival? Please click on the link below of Taimienphi, wish you a happy game.

– Download link for Android version: Rules of Survival for Android.
– Download link for iOS version: Rules of Survival for iPhone.
– Link to download PC version: Rules of Survival for PC

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