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“Unique goods” shovel launchers are only available in Far Cry 5

Although it has been out for more than a month now and there is no information about the story-based DLC (plot expansion version), Far Cry 5 There have been a series of weekly events and new maps for online multiplayer gamers. And with this week’s “White Collar Job” event, Far Cry 5 introduces a weapon belonging to the “meme weapon” category called Shovel Gun – Shovel launcher.


Along with baseball bats and water pipes, the shovel is a pretty powerful handheld weapon in Far Cry 5, but now with the Shovel Gun, gamers can use the shovel as a powerful long-range weapon. Speed, accuracy and full of death, the feeling that you are hit by a huge shovel in the head or at the viewer, sounds like a pain, isn’t it?
Immediately, Shovel Gun became the most popular weapon among gamers in Far Cry 5, and to be able to own it, players only need to complete the mission of this week’s Live Event.


Shovel Gun works no different from Grenade Launcher or Rocket Launcher, instead of grenades and rockets, what comes out of the gun will be a shovel. Gamers can only carry a maximum of 3 shovels with them to use, but fortunately you can run and pick up the shovel that has been fired for further use, it is like using a bow and arrow. And with the weight of the “shovel bullet”, the Shovel Gun is not very effective when shooting at long range, only at close range is this gun really a nightmare.

In addition to the short range, another weakness of the Shovel Gun is that it cannot be used to explode like normal bullets, but anyway, it is not too big of a problem for this unique gun when the main value that it brings is a new and fun feeling for gamers. It is unknown that in the next updates and DLC, Ubisoft will bring another surprise to Far Cry 5 gamers here.​

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