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Setting the autoplay sound off on browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Coc Coc will help you avoid the problem of creating noise when opening web page files that play sounds like music or video pages that affect your browser. people who around me

There are two things that make browser users uncomfortable when surfing the web: the sound from the browser and the ads that are automatically turned on. With ads we can block ads on Google Chrome quite simply, but blocking ads on Chrome only helps to limit annoying ads. The sounds from the browser still play annoying us. If you find it annoying, please follow the way to turn off the autoplay sound on Emergenceingames.com’s browsers.

Turn off autoplay sound on Chrome, Fireox, Coc Coc browsers

1. On Google Chrome.

To turn off the Chrome tab sound, download the Mute Tab utility and follow our instructions below to turn off the Chrome tab sound automatically when detecting a tab with sound.

Step 1: Load Mute Tab here

Select Add to Chrome.

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Step 2: When adding the extension successfully, the Mute Tab icon will appear in the corner of the browser.

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Step 3: Click on the icon Mute Tab to mute the sound. Can choose:

Mute all tabs to turn off all automatic sounds on Google Chrome.

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2. On Firefox.

Unlike Chrome, to turn off Firefox Tab sound, you need to access Firefox settings on the browser, follow the instructions below to automatically turn off Firefox Tab sound.

Step 1: Import about:config in the URL bar.

Click I accept the risk! to access Firefox add-ons.

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Step 2: Find utility media.autoplay.enabled and right click select Toogle.

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Step 3: Or click on Value to switch from True luxurious False.

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Just now is a guide to turn off automatic sound on Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. With Coc Coc browser you can do the same thing as on Google Chrome, if it’s still not clear, you can follow the way turn off Coc Coc tab sound here

On both Google Chrome or Firefox we can block ads with the Adblock utility. This tool allows to control all websites, pop-up ads on Google Chrome tab, to install Adblock, you access the above address of Emergenceingames.com to install. This tool works well on both Google Chrome and Firefox browsers, so you can rest assured when using these two browsers on your computer.

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