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How to build a Yordle squad in the Arena of Truth, League of Legends is used a lot and often in the present time, quite a lot of high ranked players still build this way. When you get 6 Yordles, they gain a 50% chance to dodge and basic attacks don’t seem to be hit.

This synergy alone defeats many other squads in the Teamfight Tactics, which will allow you to destroy opponents even if you can’t afford it. The only thing to fear is the mage lineup, If you’re a new League of Legends player or just want to rank up quickly, picking Yordles in the current meta won’t be a regret.

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6 Yordle – Form that dodges 60% of all physical attacks

How to build the best Yordle squad

Yordle squad buff

Basic attacks against Yordles allies have a % chance to be missed. At 3 Yordles, the dodge rate is 20% and at 6 Yordles it’s 50%. By dodging the enemy’s basic attacks, you also cannot gain mana and any attack effects, nor buffs (if they have one).

1. Early Game (Early Game)

– Yordles tend to be weak in the early stages simply because the dodge rate isn’t high enough, the fact that they can’t deal as much damage as some champions or other builds. When you start, take both Tristana and Lulu if possible but only place Tristana on the table. When at level 4 (if you don’t have 3 Yordles yet) use: Tristana, Lucian, Garen and Vayne. This gives you Gunslinger 2 and Noble 3, a pretty powerful setup at level four.

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– At level 5 you will have to switch to a minimum formation of 3 Yordles: Kennen, Lulu and Veigar. Also add Ahri and then Poppy if you have her or any other tank like Garen, Warwick, Darius, Mordekaiser and put Poppy in when you get her.

2. Mid Game (Mid Game)

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll have all 6 Yordles by the time you reach level 6 or 7. The base six-unit build lineup is: Tristana, Lulu, Poppy, Veigar, Kennen, and Gnar. With a comp team like this, you should have no problem winning against stronger opponents. At this point, continue to upgrade, increase your hero units or level up with your economy. Also, keep buying any Brand and Lissandra you come across (upgrade them to at least 2 stars on the bench). At level 7, Brand must be included in combat as he gives Team Yordle an unparalleled level of strength. (strength at level 1 is also said to be destructive).

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3. Late Game (Late Game)

The basic idea now is to improve the core of the Yordles lineup by upgrading, adding Brand & Anivia (or Lissandra) for 3 Elementalists. Finally, add Aurelion Sol for an extra 3 Sorcerer magic damage, synergy. With all the Yordles on the front lines, as well as the Golems from the Elementalists, your enemies won’t have a chance to break into the backlines (unless you’re up against Assassins, but 6 Yordles can weigh in on 8+ Assassins anyway. anytime). Brand, Anivia and Aurelion Sol will be very difficult in the backline and their only job is to carry out the task of wiping out the entire enemy squad.

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The way to build a Yordle squad is quite complete with the 9 units we listed above, but sometimes you can get a Force of Nature item that gives a +1 amount to the squad. In that case you can add Shyvana as the 10th champion to get the Dragon 2 buff. In other rare cases when you get 2 Force of Natures (11 Team Size), add Swain or Nidalee to the team figure (preferably Swain because he also gives you the 2 Demon buff).
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