Top services that provide self-destructing email accounts

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Self-destructing or disposable email accounts have a lot of advantages over regular email accounts, but they also have certain disadvantages. Self-destructing, or temporary, email accounts come in all shapes and sizes with different features.

Below, let’s explore the best self-destructing email accounts, helping you work online with a real email address for a time when you don’t want to use your primary email.

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Top services that provide self-destructing email accounts

1. What is self-destructing email?

Self-destructing email accounts don’t last forever like Gmail,, Yahoo accounts… They are usually anonymous email accounts, meaning you can Sign up for Gmail without phone number verification provide name, phone number, address, ….

You can use an abandoned email address to sign up for an account when you only need it temporarily or don’t need to read the email in it.

For example, you shouldn’t use a self-destruct email account for a bank account, as you’ll need to get a statement from your bank or access your recovery email when you forget your password. However, if you are testing a service or using a trial version of an application, the self-destructing email will help you complete the first sign up steps, then you can forget about it completely.

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The special thing is that you can use a fake email when you don’t want to reveal your real email, to avoid spam, register quickly, respectively, temporarily, avoid data breaches for the main account. , …

However, it’s also important to remember that email self-destructs unlike other regular email services, it doesn’t have advanced features like the ability to detect someone has read your emails, move emails to folders, etc. certain rules, save contacts, export messages, create funny signatures, and even send emails (most disposable email only allows you to receive emails).

2. Best self-destructing email accounts

Currently, there are many services that provide temporary email addresses, typical of which are:
– 10 Minute Mail: Random email addresses will expire in 10 minutes, unless you request an extension.
– MailDrop: Choose your own email or a randomly generated email address, then return to your inbox whenever you want.
– EmailOnDeck: Send anonymous emails to other EmailOnDeck users, and receive messages from any email address. The account will expire in a few hours.
– Guerrilla Mail: Send email (and attachments) to any email address, receive email from any address, shuffle your email, delete specific email, choose your own username (the part before “@”), and choose between a collection of domains (the part after the “@”).
– The email account is brief, has been deprecated, and will expire within 2 days.

3. Usage

Let’s take a look at a few services to see how they work!

10 Minute Mail is easy to remember and should be used if you often need temporary email services. When you open the website, you will be redirected to an email address with a 10 minute countdown until it expires, after which the email and account will no longer be accessible.

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There is a Copy button to quickly copy the email address you receive, a Refresh button to reset the time to 10 minutes if necessary. You can reset the time if you want, but if you leave the site without resetting it, you won’t be able to receive your email again. Instead, you will get a completely different address with a different countdown time.

MailDrop is a bit different from 10 Minute Mail, in that there is no countdown until the account expires. You can also create a username for that email address yourself, instead of using a randomly generated name. Just type your username in the box provided on the website and select GO to access your email inbox.

A rather unique feature of MailDrop is that instead of deleting all emails when the time is up, the messages remain on that email account, seemingly forever. Therefore, when you choose your username, you will open a specific MailDrop account, which may already have email.

MailDrop also provides another alias address, which is different from MailDrop but still helps to send messages to the main mailbox. This is very useful if you do not want to make your anonymous email address public.

What’s even more special is that with MailDrop’s self-destructing email service, you can choose any username when asked for an email address on another website, then go to, enter your username selected to view the message.

You can try to choose a random username of 1234box, then type it after the URL, to form the URL, allow you see the messages in it.
Above, has introduced to you the top 5 best free self-destructing email creation services today. To learn other useful phone and computer tips, visit regularly! In addition, you can refer to How to send self-destructing emails on Gmail here.

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