Top Hottest Horror Movies on Netflix (The Last Part)

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What better way to satisfy curiosity than by watching a creepy horror movie? We continue to update you with critically acclaimed horror series that are available on Netflix.

Note: Some titles may not be available internationally yet

The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015)


The film revolves around Kat (Kiernan Shipka) and Rose (Lucy Boynton). The two girls were left behind at Bramford Preparatory School over the winter break because their families did not come to pick them up. While the two girls have to go through strange days when isolated at school, at the same time Joan (Emma Robert), another young girl is having difficulty in her journey back to Bramford. As Joan gets closer and closer to the school, Kat sees more and more terrifying visions and Rose tries to help her friend, unaware that she is sliding deeper into an invisible evil force. When the two stories intersect, it creates an unforgettable climax for the audience.

It Comes at Night (2017)


The film is set in a house in the woods. There a family resides to escape a plague that has killed most of the people in the world. They must follow strict rules to ensure they can survive. At the beginning of the film, the audience was heartbroken with the scene where the biological father of the main character Paul was infected, his body was blistered, his eyes were as deep as evil. The rule of the survivors is that anyone infected will also be killed. Therefore, Paul had to kill his own father. Then Paul’s family welcomed another family to live here. It was peaceful at first but then suspicion arose and the members killed each other to protect their families.

Hush (2016)


The main character of Hush is Madison Young (Kate Siegel) – a deaf, mute writer writing detective stories, finishing her book in an isolated house in the middle of the forest, when a masked man comes to hunt. How can a girl born deaf and mute escape from imminent danger?


In the Tall Grass (2019)


Adapted from the novel of the same name by famous writer Stephen King, the film revolves around a pair of Irish twin brothers Cal (Avery Whitted) and Becky Demuth (Laysla De Oliveira). The event began with the trip of two brothers to San Diego to meet the adoptive parents of Becky’s unborn child. Cal and Becky have heard the pleas of a lost boy named Tobin (Will Buie Jr) on a deserted road surrounded by endless tall, lush meadows. They decided to wade in to find this boy. As soon as the two brothers entered the field, they lost each other and desperately called each other’s names in vain. The two now face not only dehydration and straying that weakens their bodies, but also the evil threats lurking in the labyrinthine grasslands.

Under the Shadow (2016)


This film is one of the few films set in Iran in 1988, following Shideh and her daughter living alone in a small apartment, the obsessions are always lurking to strangle mother and daughter. Not only fearing the threat of “lost bombs” in the Iran-Iraq war going on outside, the mother and daughter were also attacked by Djinn – a dark spirit in Chinese legends. Winter.


Would You Rather is a psychological thriller about Iris (Brittany Snow). A young girl has to raise her sick brother. With no money left, she accepted a game at the house of Shepard Lambrick, who promised to solve her economic problems if she agreed to come to dinner and participate in the game. Along with the others, she had not expected what she would have to go through.

Fractured (2019)


This is a psychological drama with quite dark colors and no confrontation scenes. The entire movie is almost just repeating the story of a man named Ray trying to find his loved ones. After their young daughter fell into the pit, Ray and his wife took her to the hospital, but this was also the last place Ray saw his wife and children.

1922 (2017)


1922 is a film also adapted from the novel by writer Stephen King. The film’s content tells the story of a farmer Willfred James who ruthlessly murdered his wife with his accomplice, his son, and then took on an endless obsession. The film’s content is quite simple but succeeds in digging into the evil that exists in every human being and shows how poverty can corrupt a person’s conscience.

Apostle (2018)


Apostle is the story of his brother Thomas Richardson (Dan Stevens) trying to rescue his sister from a cult off a remote island. The film is described as “a painfully hidden story in which the most terrible consciousness is the reality of sin.” The bloody scene shows that director Gareth Evans is doing a good job even though this is not his forte.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)


Exploiting the topic of autopsies, the film makes viewers “goosebumps” from the beginning until the last minutes of the movie. The cold atmosphere in the operating room, the cold body of a beautiful girl intertwined with the conflicts and contradictions in the father-son relationship, the forensic doctor makes The Autopsy of Jane Doe a into an unforgettable horror experience.

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)


Pan’s Labyrinth is set in Spain in 1944, the story begins when little Ofelia and her mother move in with her stepfather Captain Vidal – a cruel commander. Vidal is obsessed with having a son and Ofelia’s mother is on that “duty”. But as the baby in her belly grew, her health became weaker and weaker. One day, Ofelia was led by a strange bug into the woods near her house. Here, the little girl’s journey in the strange maze begins.

Gerald’s Game (2017)


Another film made based on the psychological novel, suspense, is considered the most difficult to transform by Stephen King. Couple Jessie and Gerald are on a romantic trip to a remote countryside with many crazy ideas about bed to help rekindle their love after 11 years of marriage. Things went wrong when Gerald suddenly died of a heart attack due to the effects of drugs, now Jessie was handcuffed on the nightstand. She couldn’t reach her phone and no one was around to call for help when the neighbor’s house was a mile away and the maid was already on vacation. All can only rely on Jessie herself to get out of a difficult situation.

The Invitation (2015)


Logan Marshall-Green is invited to his ex-wife’s house for an evening party, but he always feels something is wrong. It was impossible for him to guess, but suspicious little details appeared everywhere and director Karyn Kusama skillfully sent the audience curious throughout the film, wondering what was going on. The Invitation is a slow-paced thriller with a slow progression to give the audience an impressive, psychological insight.

The Rituals (2017)


The film is the story of a group of friends having a picnic in the woods but after spending the evening in an abandoned shack with a strange religious symbol, they begin to experience inexplicable phenomena. .


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