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The Zombies look creepy, but it’s becoming a very hot topic for game developers. In recent years, the Zombie theme is receiving a special love in shooters, horror games, survival games and especially in the most famous survival shooting super products today, PUBG Mobile is also gradually bringing. Zombie mode comes to gamers.

The image of zombies, undead moving objects pretending everywhere in the game makes many people scared. However, the fear of these monsters has made the series Zombie game more dramatic. If you love the Zombie game series, names like Zombie Tsunami, Plants vs Zombies, etc. are probably too familiar. However, the games below Download will make you feel much more interesting.

The addictive and addictive Zombie games


Fight alone or unite to survive together in LifeAfter survival game for Android

LifeAfter for Android is a survival game combining dramatic adventure, depicting human life in the post-apocalyptic world. LifeAfter will take players into a world devastated by the zombie virus, where you will have to do everything you can to survive the sudden waves of infected people as well as many potential disasters. course.

The world in LifeAfter is engulfed in a storm of zombie virus. The lives of the survivors are constantly threatened by disease, famine, cold, infected people and mysterious organizations with intriguing intrigue and you have to be brave to overcome difficulties. there.

Download game LifeAfter for iOS Download game LifeAfter for Android

Fight off hordes of zombies in the first-person shooter Left 4 Dead for PC and Mac

Left 4 Dead is a first-person shooter, players will be taken to a scary world with 3 other survivors to deal with the pile of zombies that appear. Life takes place really hard when we are constantly confronted with many Zombies, they are not only crowded but also extremely powerful.

Players by all means had to survive through alliances with other gamers. You must use all your fighting skills to survive. Besides modern weapons like guns, sometimes you have to make use of many other items to fight such as saws, axes, etc.

Into The Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 for Android features insane shooting action gameplay

Into the Dead 2 is the sequel to the popular game Into the Dead for a while. Into the Dead 2 pushes players into a war of survival, a race to rescue the family from bloodthirsty zombies. You will have to equip yourself with defensive weapons through things you find along the way and face countless challenges to be able to survive to the end.

Wrapping in Into the Dead 2 is a dark, deadly and gruesome space. The zombies walk around pretending to be ghosts, but these will increase the drama and attract the player.

Download game Into The Dead 2 for iOS Download game Into The Dead 2 for Android

Resident Evil 2 horror shooter

Resident Evil 2 with the theme of the village of death attacked by a deadly virus that engulfed the residents of Raccoon City in September 1998. This virus has turned the peaceful city into a mess when the cannibals are everywhere, they search for the survivors to destroy them.

The image of the bloody people in Resident Evil 2 can make you panic, but the attraction of the game Resident Evil 2 will be hard to resist with those who love horror games.

Above are some Zombie games for both PC and Mobile you should choose. Zombie images are built extremely horribly but that is the attraction that the Zombie games bring.

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