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Doctor and patient games have always been a Hot genre for many people, in which educating their children about this issue is also essential, through doctor games, players can gain consciousness, take control of situations beyond one’s control.

Through doctor games, you will be exposed to situations and understand it better, can prepare in advance. The following article will list for you the Top best doctor games on the phone.

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Top best doctor games on mobile

1. Little Bear Hospital

Little Bear Hospital A simulation game for children to be a doctor with lovely and funny character images, participating in the game Little Bear Hospital, children can experience with more than 20 medical devices, 6 different patients to give to children. examination and 15 accompanying stories. Children will perform appropriate treatments for each situation in the game.

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Download link for iOS: Little Bear Hospital For iPhone

2. Amateur Surgeon

Coming to Amateur Surgeon, players will play as a doctor named Ophelia Payne participating in life-saving surgeries with her partner Mister Giblets, the game is currently free for users to play. and download on Android.

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Download link for Android: Amateur Surgeon for Android
Download link for iOS: Amateur Surgeon for iPhone

3. Surgeon Simulator

Surgeon Simulator is a simulation game on mobile devices for people who want to become a surgeon. The game Surgeon Simulator allows you to come to real surgeries such as transplants, amputations … with some other tools in the operating room.

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Download link for Android: Surgeon Simulator for Android

Download link for iOS: Surgeon Simulator for iPhone

4. Doctor Dash : Hospital Game

In Doctor Dash Hospital Game, players will play the role of owner of a private hospital, build a team of doctors, do their jobs, diagnose and treat patients, give them good advice. Best. Upgrade the medical equipment in the clinic to better serve customers.

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Download link for Android: Doctor Dash Hospital Game for Android

5. Surgeon Doctor

Surgeon Doctor is a simulation game in becoming a big hospital surgeon, in Surgeon Dotor you have to participate in decisive surgeries, perform a series of surgeries such as removing stones. kidney, scoliosis surgery …. and more, bringing the most realistic feeling for players.

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Download link for Android: Surgeon Doctor for Android
Above are some of the best doctor games on mobile. If you have any games, please comment below so that Taimienphi and everyone can know. In addition, if you love music games to immerse yourself in today’s best music, try to experience one of the music games that we have shared.

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