Top cat farming games on phones as good as Adorable Home

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Adorable Home is a game that “storms” social networks in recent days, owning beautiful graphics, a cute plot revolving around family life, this simulation game quickly received a lot of attention from fans. Young people, if you are also “crazy” for this game, the Top cat game on your phone or Adorable Home below will definitely be great suggestions that you should not ignore.

Funny, witty and equally lovely of Adorable Home is the main factor that makes this game “fever” in the online community in recent times. The top 5 cat games below with similar cute images will be very “addictive” for players right from the first experience.

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Top 5 “addictive” cat farming games like Adorable Home

Top cat farming games on phones as good as Adorable Home

1. Miya’s Everyday of Cooking

Starting off on this list is the game Miya’s Everyday of Cooking. When you experience it, you will see a lot of features in Adorable Home appear in this game. You will live in a house with your mate and a cute little cat. In addition to being able to decorate, beautify the room, care for and play with the cats, in Miya’s Everyday of Cooking you can also cook more favorite dishes every day. The mini game in Miya’s Everyday of Cooking is also an “addictive” element for players when participating in the game experience.

– Download: Miya’s Everyday of Cooking for Android
– Download: Miya’s Everyday of Cooking for iPhone

Miya's Everyday of Cooking game

2. Animal Restaurant

Animal Restaurant is a restaurant simulation game for pets. Your main job in the game is to decorate the restaurant, unlock the dishes to serve the “gods”. As a type of “tap-game” game, you will have to operate in the game “at full capacity” to keep up with the pace in the restaurant when the guests come to the restaurant continuously.

– Download: Animal Restaurant for Android
– Download: Animal Restaurant for iPhone

Animal Restaurant game

3. Fantastic Cat

The gameplay in Fantastic Cat is quite similar to the Animal Restaurant game. The “kings” will turn to the garden when you own and decorate many different toys for cats. Fantastic Cat will be an extremely relaxing game for those who need entertainment after stressful working and studying hours.

– Download: Fantastic Cat for Android
– Download: Fantastic Cat for iPhone

Fantastic Cat game

4. Purrfect Spirits

Purrfect Spirits – An extremely attractive cat breeding simulation game that you should not ignore. At the beginning of the game you will have to take care of the “lots” in your old house while they are still alive, like feeding or playing with them. Along with this you also need to decorate the house, turning the room into a really cozy place. Purrfect Spirits doesn’t just stop at raising and taking care of cats. Here you can make friends, find out why you become a ghost and discover extremely mysterious stories in the house.

– Download: Purrfect Spirits for Android
– Download: Purrfect Spirits for iPhone

Download game Purrfect Spirits

5. Stray Cat Door

Stray Cat Door with a completely different gameplay style than the above games. The game belongs to the adventure – puzzle genre. In Stray Cat Door, you will have to overcome the challenge of puzzles to unlock the doors, thereby recalling the memories and memories of the lost cat. Applying agility, logical thinking and wide knowledge will be the key for you to unlock the cat in Stray Cat Door.

– Download: Stray Cat Door for Android
– Download: Stray Cat Door for iPhone

Play Stray Cat Door game
Above are the Top 5 cat games on the phone as good as Adorable Home that would like to introduce to you. If you are playing Adorable Home and are having a “headache” not knowing how to increase the heart in the game, don’t worry, refer to it right away. Sample cat food for more hearts in Adorable Home will help you “solve” quickly the problem you are facing.

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