Top best educational games

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Top best educational games on Android and iOS can captivate young gamers if you don’t control them.

Today we cannot deny that exposing young children to technology at an early age has many positive sides. Let refer to the best educational applications below.

Top best communication games

Top best educational games

1. ABC Kids

ABC Kids is a free, fun learning alphabet and phonics game for kids. ABC Kids has a series of tracing games to help children recognize letter shapes, associate them with sounds, and put alphabet knowledge to use. The interface helps children focus on reading and writing the alphabet.

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– Link to download Android version: ABC Kids for Android
– Link to download iOS version: ABC Kids for iPhone

2. ColorMe

ColorMe is the most educational coloring game available today. ColorMe contains more than 100 coloring pages with many different themes such as animals, food, sea world … many more genres, the game does not require any internet connection and adults can also play.

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– Link to download Android version: ColorMe for Android
– Link to download iOS version: ColorMe for iPhone

3. Thinkrolls

Thinkrolls is named one of America’s top kids games today, Thinkrolls game has 207 levels of clever puzzles for kids, seven exciting elements with gradually unique physics properties. gradually introduced as you play. Children will discover through hands-on how to use items and create a path to the finish line.

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– Link to download Android version: Thinkrolls for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Thinkrolls for iPhone

4. Cut The Rope

Like the games above, Cut The Rope is highly educational when it teaches children basic physics knowledge in cutting the rope so that the candy falls into the green frog’s mouth, in addition, you also need to take advantage of it. Maximize other objects to get the candy to hit Om Nom’s mouth more. Cut The Rope has simple gameplay and is extremely attractive to not only children but also adults.

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– Link to download Android version: Cut The Rope for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Cut The Rope for iPhone

5. Ice Math Ninja ZERO

Ice Math Ninja ZERO is a leading educational game in 16 countries around the world, a math game with simple gameplay, in Ice Math Ninja ZERO, you control a Pookie penguin or a Tushka bear chopping and slashing animals. Numbers by calculations happen at such a fast pace that you can’t stop.

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– Link to download Android version: Ice Math Ninja ZERO for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Ice Math Ninja ZERO for iPhone
Currently on Google Play and App Store there are many games for the education of young children and here Taimienphi brings you the most educational games. Hope you will choose for yourself a satisfactory game, suitable for your children.

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