TOP best Android emulator to play PUBG Mobile

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Many gamers are fans of the PUBG Mobile survival game series, the play on their mobile devices will be limited, due to the battery, due to the hardware configuration … Those things will make you unsatisfied. match on PUBG Mobile. So now you should use the Android emulator software.

Android emulators will take advantage of the abundant resources from the PC to serve you to play Mobile games, which is no longer too strange for many gamers who love to play mobile games. Here are the TOP best Android emulators for you to play PUBG Mobile on PC or other games easily.

TOP best Android emulator to play PUBG Mobile

1. BlueStacks App Player

PUBG Mobile emulator

BlueStacks App PlayerBlueStacks App Player for macOS

BlueStacks software is probably too familiar to many gamers who love mobile games, this is a popular Android emulator software quite widely. BlueStacks supports users to run applications, play Android games on the PC screen in the form of tabs like on a web browser. You can freely access and use any application on the Android application store right on your computer.

BlueStacks supports on two popular PC platforms, Windows and macOS, all the basic features of this emulator are free, some other premium features cost less users to come and the fee is not much. . Especially BlueStacks supports playing games with the keyboard, mouse, controller, or even the drawing board to play games, so PUBG Mobile gamers can experience with many gaming tools on BlueStacks.

2. NoxPlayer

PUBG Mobile emulator

Nox Player Nox Player for macOS

The advantage of Nox Player is that it is quite light, all operations and tasks are done very quickly and smoothly. Just like BlueStacks App Player, the way Nox works is to create a virtual tablet running Android on your PC, this tablet has a large screen, powerful reconfiguration with mouse and keyboard to support gaming so You can experience your Mobile game in the most comfortable way.

Nox Player currently supports two popular platforms, Windows and macOS, so users can experience Android software easily on these two platforms. The features of Nox are quite complete, including interfaces that are customized to suit different applications for easier users to use and PUBG Mobile is also one of them.

3. Remix OS Player

PUBG Mobile emulator

Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player will allow you to use a variety of apps that help users play the latest games on Android mobile devices because this software uses a modern Marshmallow OS emulator. Despite having many simple features, Remix OS Player will be very useful for those who want to use the latest applications.

With some features such as optimizing Android gaming, customizing buttons as you like, remember to set the most recent button, play multiple games at the same time, open chat and play games, free downloads, free to play, free to update, convenient to install so this is also a great emulator to play PUBG Mobile.

4. KOPlayer

PUBG Mobile emulator

KOPlayer KOPlayer for macOS

At first glance, KOPlayer seems no different from other Android emulators, but the interesting point of KOPlayer is that this emulator supports many innovative features such as OpenGL and hardware acceleration, compatibility and level. Stability is also stronger than other Android emulators.

In addition, KOPlayer also supports multiple accounts, easy video screen recording, gaming with gamepad and keyboard, built-in with Google Play to run all apps / games. Currently, 99% of games and applications allow a perfect experience on KOPlayer. So this is a suitable emulator for you to experience PUBG Mobile.

5. MEmu

PUBG Mobile emulator

MEmu Emulator

The MEmu emulator software not only brings the experience of using Android on a PC, but also gives users a 2-in-one device. MEmu users can open multiple windows and watch their favorite TV shows live on different TV channels.

Open chat application like WhatsApp with ease of typing with the keyboard, support mouse and keyboard gaming and one-touch capture and screen video recording … Helping you easily record your great moments. while playing PUBG Mobile.

6. LeapDroid

PUBG Mobile emulator


Still like popular emulators today, LeapDroid supports users to play Android games smoothly and can test Android applications on the computer at high speed. In addition, LeapDroid has very good application compatibility, with more than 98% of applications on Android that can run well on Leap Droid.

In addition, LeapDroid can simulate all touch operations and attach them to the corresponding keys on the keyboard. For example, instead of swiping to the left, the user can press the left arrow to switch, in addition LeapDroid also supports OpenGL, sharing files between vm and the host, opening multiple applications or games, supports virtual keyboards. … So this is not a bad choice to play PUBG Mobile.


PUBG Mobile emulator


Due to using 100% original Android operating system on Windows, AMIDuOS has the fastest operating speed today on Windows, providing users with the most complete Android experience with the latest, most standard updates on the mobile. moving.

The emulator is also ARM7 compatible so it can run ARM applications easily. AMIDuOS has both interfaces for tablets and phones. In tablet mode, it also includes gestures like 2-finger zoom, scroll … and full keyboard support.

AMIDuOS also supports 3D acceleration, so you can experience outstanding Android gaming on Windows. It uses OpenGL drivers to improve the frame rate, supporting most games with high quality graphics. Since using x86 native mode to provide users with high performance, while ARM emulation is performed only on the necessary platforms. So it will help your device save power and prolong battery life.

8. Andy Android Emulator

PUBG Mobile emulator

Andy Android Emulator Andy Android Emulator for macOS

The special and most distinctive point of Andy Android Emulator is the ability to sync all your Android devices with the emulator, you will not miss your progress when switching devices. Compatible with both Windows and macOS.

More specifically, the Andy emulator is not limited in size, so you can comfortably install the game according to your hard drive capacity. Alternatively, you can also use your phone as a joystick instead of a mouse and keyboard if you prefer.

There are a few Android emulators on your computer you can choose to play PUBG Mobile, the emulators above are completely free and support this survival game well, if detected playing PUBG Mobile. on Android emulator, please see the article How to avoid detection when using an Android emulator to play PUBG Mobile.

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