Top 7 records no one has been able to break in the professional League of Legends arena (P.2) top 7 ky luc lmht 8 - Emergenceingame

4. Player with the most kills in his career: Uzi– 3141 kills


Despite taking a break due to injury, UziLegendary sniper of the LPL still reigning supreme in kills throughout his career with 3141 kills, far ahead of them Faker owns 2987 networks since professional competition now.

Uzi is also a player with a lot of pentakills with 7 pentakills in his entire career. However, during the break, record This Uzi’s is under threat by Rookie – 3122 lives. Coming from the area LCKthe area with safe play in contrast to the bloody LPL, this is still a pretty impressive record for Archer this legend.

5. Player with the most total professional matches: Faker – 779 games


Starting his career in 2013, Faker has won himself countless awards and personal record. 779 matches made the Demon King the oldest enemy team League of Legends. In addition to playing for SKT in the LCK and the international tournamentFaker also participated in the Korean League of Legends team squad that competed at Asiad 2018.

Behind Faker is Invitus Gaming’s Rookie with 731 matches and former ADC PraY with 618 matches – who is about to be usurped by Uzi with 617 matches.

6. Players appearing at the moment World Finals Most: Sneaky and Doublelift – 7 times


Even though I still haven’t got my prize The champion of the worldbut trap saint Sneaky and trash talk king Doublelift are still two of the many players competing at Worlds most in North America. Both have appeared at the World Finals 7 times and hold themselves the record for the most appearances at the prestigious event at the end of this year.

Sneaky competed at Worlds from 2013 to 2019, traveling to Korea, Europe, and even China in the tournaments featured. On the Doublelift side, he also made it to his first World Championship at DreamHack Jokoping, missing only the third and fourth seasons of his career.

7. Player with the most matches at Worlds: Faker – 83 matches


As a mainstay for the team with the most world championships, it is obvious that Faker’s number of Worlds matches is also extremely large. In 5 appearances, Faker played 83 matches and won 3 championship trophies.

Faker’s Worlds journey was full of sweaty ups and downs of effort and tears of failure, but above all, Faker is still the player who holds the most personal records for himself. to the present time. Behind Faker is Uzi with 72 matches and Sneaky with 78 matches.

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