Top 7 drop points on Century Island Free Fire map

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The Century Island map has the potential to become one of the most popular maps in survival shooter Free Fire, a new map from Garena added to the game in celebration of its 5th birthday. Let’s take a look at Taimienphi’s Top 7 drop points on the Century Island Free Fire map that is voted the most by gamers.

Nexterra – Also known as Century Island, a new map has just been released as part of the Free Fire OB35 5th Birthday update. It is currently available in all Ranked modes, allowing players to explore new battlefields and earn some ranking points.

top 7 diem roi map dao the ky free fire

Everything you need to know about the new Century Island map in Garena Free Fire

Top 7 best Free Fire Century Island map landing spots

1. Deca Square
Deca Square is a very good location to land, players who land here will be able to acquire a lot of gear for later stages of the game. The whole area is surrounded by fields of pink flowers. After collecting weapons, the player can camp from the main buildings of Deca Square. This location is quite well connected to other locations on the map, allowing players to move as needed.

top 7 diem roi map dao the ky free fire 2

Century Island in Free Fire will include 12 landmarks and many unique architectures that will be an interesting new experience for gamers, let’s learn how to play this new Free Fire map with

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2. Museum
The Museum is the second largest structure on the Free Fire Century Island map, where players can find high-level loot. However, this area is very cramped and has a lot of hiding spots, you need to be prepared for close combat if others land here.

top 7 diem roi map dao the ky free fire 3

Stairs, floors can make the battle quite difficult, especially when the enemy is in a higher position. If this happens, it’s best to retreat instead of continuing to fight. The Museum’s location isn’t ideal – it’s on the northwest side of the map and quite separate from the other Free Fire Century Island landmarks. The reason that this place is on the list of Top 7 drop points on Century Island Free Fire is because of its high quality items.

3. Mud Site
Mud Site is one of the HOTTEST on the Free Fire Century Island map, it has lots of small buildings and an incredible amount of loot. Unlike Mortar Ruins and Rust Town, the Mud Site has plenty of cover and cover, allowing players to compete even if they land more slowly.

top 7 diem roi map dao the ky free fire 4

4. Plazaria
Plazaria is a major grocer on Century Island Free Fire. It is a huge complex with three interconnected buildings, containing high-quality weapons and accessories. However, combat here can be quite complicated, due to the very high quality of the loot, Plazaria is considered a hot loot location and players should prepare for battle when they land here.

top 7 diem roi map dao the ky free fire 5

5. Intellect Center
Intellect Center is considered the core of the island of Century Free Fire Island, located in an isolated area in the north of the map. It is connected to the mainland via three bridges. The venue is a modern looking facility and offers high level loot.

top 7 diem roi map dao the ky free fire 6

Due to the relatively elaborate design and the large amount of loot, Intellect Center attracts a lot of players. Anyone who sets foot here may need to fight immediately. Since there are relatively few buildings on the island, players may need to loot and clear them as quickly as possible.

6. Farmtopia
Farmtopia is a futuristic farm that covers the entire center of the map. Due to its location, a lot of players would land here and fight from the start. This area is relatively large with few buildings and obstacles, players should prepare long-range weapons if possible.

top 7 diem roi map dao the ky free fire 7

If the player has landed and captured the main building, it’s relatively simple to camp here and wait for the circle to shrink. Farmtopia’s central location makes it quite easy to navigate when needed, there are a large number of vehicles that also appear here.

7. Grav Labs
Grav Labs is a new area with a completely new mechanic that features a zero-gravity zone, players can float in the air and engage in combat this way. Therefore, many players will land here to explore and loot. The quality and quantity of loot here is not bad, but players will need to fight a lot to gain an advantage in this area.

top 7 diem roi map dao the ky free fire 8
In addition to the Top 7 drop points of the best Free Fire Century Island map, there are many other interesting things that will surely make players feel excited. If you find out, don’t hesitate to share it with Taimienphi and everyone.

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