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Top 6 places to pick up good things in Rules of Survival

Coming to Rules of Survival, you will be able to join the fierce battle for survival with 120 players, completely free, not free like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

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To survive, you need to collect weapons and equipment scattered throughout the battlefield to aid in combat. Of course, many delicious foods will come with dangers and difficulties. So invite you to consult 6 skydiving places to get the best things in the article below:

6 skydiving locations to “loot” the best in Rules Of Survival

Safe Store

The Safe Store is located on the south side of the island, the best place to land, for good items like helmets, backpacks, rifles and shotguns. However, the delicious place often comes with dangers, many other players will come here to loot. Therefore, you need to take great care not to be destroyed.

Safe Store

Research Building

The Research Building, located on the eastern part of the island, is also ideal for loot because it is close to other areas with plenty of items. You can jump right to this place to search for basic weapons, then move to safer spots. Then go to other nearby areas. It is easy to find helmets, Level 3 backpacks, Thomson and M4A1 guns.

Research Building

Bitter Lake

Bitter Lake is close to the center of the map, where most players run to because of the most advanced equipment, but it is also a dangerous place because many people parachute down.

Bitter Lake

Training Base

The training base is one of the best areas to land because there is everything you need for the fierce battle of life and death. However, it is also considered a place that many people look at, so be careful when choosing this position. If you decide to choose this position, you need to jump down in the first few minutes, but if you survive and pick up enough items, you will definitely be in a high TOP.

Training base

Rust Bay

Rust Bay is not in the center of the map, acting as a compact Bitter Lake while still giving gamers a variety of guns and fixtures. According to the experience of gamers, the volume of armor, helmets, backpacks, items will be more than weapons, of course, if you have a “mine” rich in weapons, there will be many diggers, so you must be prepared to fight. With the enemy parachuting down here, apart from that, you have to face another worry that the circle of poisonous gas, because it is far from the center, the poisonous gas circle is entirely by chance.
Rules Of Survival

Thermal Power

It can be said that this is a rather “secluded” area in the game when the quality of the items is not attractive to the player. However, if you are a player who likes absolute safety and acts slowly and steadily, you should choose this area. Thermal Power is one of the suitable options for those who are fully equipped and then “raid” to other areas.

Rules Of Survival

Hopefully the above article will help you quickly loot delicious food, necessary to equip this tough and fierce battle for survival!

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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