Top 5 things Arena of Valor gamers should prepare before playing LoL Wild Rift game thu lien quan nen chuan bi truoc khi choi toc chien 0 - Emergenceingame

first. Eye plug on the map


For League of Legends gamer, players will have to get used to a fairly new concept, which is warding. Up until now, warding has always been a daily and indispensable job for every player League to avoid ambushes in the later stages or unexpected ganks in the early game.

League of Legends Player when switching to Wild Rift will have 2 free wards and cooldown during the match. When used, you will gain a short amount of vision for a short time to help detect nearby units. This is an extremely valuable feature of the League that has been Riot Thoroughly retained makes the game interesting and requires the enemy jungle’s hunts to be more carefully calculated than Arena of valor.

2. Get used to more buttons


If in Arena of Valor each general has only 3 moves and no mechanisms such as warding or active equipment, Wild Rift has all the above mechanisms. When playing Wild Rift, gamer Arena of Valor will be acquainted with generals with up to 4 different moves and some generals will have very difficult directional moves.

In addition, Arena of Valor gamers also have to be familiar with eye plugs as well as additional knowledge about equipment activated from shoe upgrades. So, with more buttons, Arena of Valor gamers will be able to match in the first time, but just after a while, they will feel more excited when experiencing the feeling of balanced and realistic combat. more.

3. Can’t go to the market in the middle of the street


Although with the Alliance as well as the lines mobile game On the other hand, buying items is quite simple when in every location, every stage in the game, you can buy items to serve the fighting, continuous turrets. Coming to Wild Rift, Arena of Valor gamers will have to get used to having to return to buy things instead of being able to buy them right in the road area.

This will definitely be a bit annoying at first when you have to lose waves of minions to disappear. However, this will form a good habit to make the comebacks more valuable and worth it

4. Resources and terrain

This is especially important for junglers. For Wild Rift, the resources will be arranged differently with the monsters located in different locations in the forest, so it will take a while for Arena of Valor gamers to get used to it.

5. Cylinder shield


This is a fairly new concept for League of Legends players, but it’s one of the League’s specialties. The turret shield is one of the things that gives players gold when dealing damage to turrets up to a certain threshold of health. This will make the pressure on turrets or messengers in the game much more worthwhile in the early stages when it brings you a lot of money.

League of Legends gamers when playing Wild Rift should learn to control the soldier position as well as win the messenger as soon as possible.

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