Top 5 teams specializing in rank climbing Auto Chess VN

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If you are looking for a squad, lineup specialized in climbing rank Auto Chess VN, the following article by Taimienphi will provide you with some lineups, let’s refer to the strengths and weaknesses of each team below.

Recently, Auto Chess Mobile has been updated to the latest version on September 19, the appearance of Winter Chiropteran has changed the rankings of strong squads, specialized lineups to climb the rank of Auto Chess VN.

Top 5 players for climbing rank auto chess vn

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Top 5 teams specializing in rank climbing Auto Chess VN

1. Dragon Mage

With the release of Hero Winter Chiropteran, the Dragon Mage squad has become stronger than ever, rising to the first place in the ranking of strong Auto Chess VN squads. By replacing Venom (Viper in Dota Auto Chess), this squad becomes quite strong with 6 Mage and 3 Dragon effects, which will wipe out all opponents with extremely strong magic and physical damage.

top 5 ranking auto chess games vn 2

2. Feathered Hunter (Elf Hunter)

Basically, in this lineup, there will be no appearance of Egersis Ranger, but instead damage from Sniper and Assassin characters like Shadowcrawler, Shinning Assassin. The dodge effect allows the tankers in front to not be hit, making them a lot harder to die.

top 5 auto chess rankings auto chess vn 3

3. God Mage

This is said to be a squad with extremely large magic damage, with the ability to reduce the cooldown of the whole team by 75%, God Mage can finish the opponent in just a few seconds. But the most important thing is that you need to pay attention to the problem of combining system and race, to avoid losing the God effect.

top 5 auto chess rankings auto chess vn 4

4. Hunter Warrior

Despite going through many updates, Hunter Warrior is still said to be a strong squad, they have strong tankers and combined with the amount of damage coming from the 3 Hunters behind can finish the enemy. This squad has the ability to transform into 6 Hunter or 6 Warrior.

top 5 auto chess rankings auto chess vn 5

5. Glacier Knights (Troll Knights)

Glacier Knights is having a pretty terrible power at the moment because there are very few players. There are not too many breakthroughs and ways to play in this squad, equipping items is the same, in the 9th and 10th slots you can add 2 Knights to create a team of 6 Knights 4 Glacier extremely cool.
Above are the Top 5 strongest Auto Chess VN ranks in the current version, if you haven’t read it yet Auto Chess Mobile update 19/9 You can refer to Taimienphi website, all information will be regularly updated by us here.

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