Top 5 Free Fire characters combined with J Biebs

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Garena usually releases one or two new characters with each update, and it seems that Free Fire OB35 is no exception to this rule. However, the first character’s identity was revealed to be J Biebs along with the skill set. The top 5 Free Fire characters combined with J Biebs were voted by gamers specifically as follows.

Character skills J.Biebs Free Fire quite strong in squad matches, team battle 4vs4. J Biebs Free Fire boy allows teammates to reduce damage with their EP, and the EP deducted will add directly to the user’s EP, specifically the character J.Biebs Free Fire.

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top 5 vat free fire ket hop with j biebs

Top best characters combined with J Biebs in Garena Free Fire

Top 5 Free Fire characters combined with J Biebs

1. Warm Andrew
– Skill: Armor damage reduced by 11%, additional 15% damage reduction for each ally carrying this skill.
=> Andrew’s passive skill works pretty much like J.Biebs and also benefits from every party member when equipping it. When combined, the whole team will become stronger than ever, which can be a huge advantage in Free Fire combat.

top 5 vat free fire ket hop with j biebs Andrew

2. Luqueta
– Skills Hat Trick: Each kill increases the machine by 25 max HP, up to 50.
=> As Luqueta’s passive skill increases the player’s HP, it greatly benefits from the damage reduction. This is where J.Biebs’ ability comes into play, players with both skills will be really hard to kill. At max level you only need 2 kills to get enough. It’s quite okay in BR mode because getting 2 lives is not a difficult request. With a higher max HP, you’ll be able to deal with enemies much easier.

3. Miguel
– Slayer skills: Get 80 EP for every kill
=> The weakness of the J.Biebs skill is that you need to have EP for the damage reduction effect to activate. Therefore, equipping Miguel’s passive skill is a good idea, as you can burn free EP pretty easily that way.

top 5 free fire ket hop with j biebs Miguel

4. Homer
– Long Range Bomb skill: Launches a drone at an enemy within 100m, creating an explosion 5m in diameter that reduces movement speed by 60% and fire speed by 35%. Lasts for 5s, deals 25 damage and heals for 90s.
=> Homer is the new character of OB34 and the hottest character in Free Fire so far. Overall, this skill is perfect for finding and detecting enemies at close range.

5. Alok
– Melody of Life skill: Creates a 5m aura that increases movement and sprint speed by 15% and heals 5 HP/s for 10s. For 50 seconds, the effect does not stack.
=> Speed ​​and healing are always useful in all situations, solo vs squad is no exception to this rule. With Alok’s skill equipped, you’ll be able to spin and dash faster when needed, while also having a bit of healing and movement speed boost.

top 5 people vat free fire ket hop with j biebs Alok
Not only that, Free Fire OB35 update There is also the appearance of an unnamed mysterious character, a new assistant, a new game mode that we will update continuously at website Thuthuat.Taimienphi.v, please keep an eye on it.

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