Top 3 most powerful Coalition Flag lineups

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For those who are new to playing Coalition Chess, they probably will not know how to combine to create a strong squad, activate many Tribes to support each other. So, let’s try the top 3 best and strongest Mobile Union Chess squad right now.

Here are the Top 3 hegemonic Chess formations used by many games today, with them you can easily climb to the Top 4 position without having to spend too many neurons, try and feel it. See if they are true to the rumors.

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The most powerful Union Flag formations

Top 3 most powerful Coalition Flag lineups

1. Evil God Witch Squad

If you are a person who is prone to strong damage, the Witch of Evil God squad is very suitable for you, they have the ability to burn the opponent to increase the effect for the remaining champions. You can add a few tanker generals or take hits so that the Witches behind have the ability to launch skills. The Sorcerer Evil God lineup includes Preyta, Arduin, Nakroth, Omen, Lilliana and Ilumla.
– 2 Dark: deals true damage equal to 20% of your maximum health for 5 seconds
– 4 Dark: deals true damage equal to 40% of your maximum health for 5 seconds
– 3 Witches: 40% increase in skill effects
– 6 Witches: 100% increase in skill effects

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2. Inventor Federation Gunner Squad

Another squad that is also prone to damage, physical attack and high critical damage jumping ability is the Inventor’s Federation Gunner, with this synergy you definitely don’t have to worry about the lack of damage. definitively. This lineup includes Valhein, Violet Moren, Capheny, Quillen, Rourke, Max and Omega.

3. Beastman lineup

The last place in our Top 3 list of the most powerful League of Legends is the Beastman including Payna, Fennik, Krizzix, Kil’Groth, Cresht and Baldum. Every 2 Beastmen that appear in battle will increase the attributes of the remaining allied generals, you will have to level up the Beast quickly to find the remaining key generals, let them out on the field.
– 2 Beastmen: for 10 seconds increase health, ATK, attack speed by 10%
– 4 Beastmen: for 10 seconds increase HP by 20%, ATK, Attack Speed
– 6 Beastmen: for 10 seconds increase 40% health, physical attack, attack speed.

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To ensure the construction of the most powerful Coalition Flag formations, you must also grasp it The rate of appearance of the Chess Champion of Arena of Valor at each level Summoned Beasts, it should be noted that the number of appearances per wall is also limited.

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