Top 3 Chrono Free Fire skill combos

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As you all know Garena Free Fire provides a rich collection of characters with skills so that players can freely combine to create different combos. In this article, will focus on Chrono when sharing with you the character combos that best combine with Chrono in Free Fire.

Unique character system plays an essential role in Garena Free Fire, has a small impact on the gameplay. Each character, except Primis and Nulla, has a unique skill to aid the player on the battlefield.

How to use the best chronograph combos to understand the best Free Fire

The most effective Chrono skill combo in Free Fire

On December 19, Free Fire’s next new character Chrono landed on the game, as part of a collaboration with soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. In this article, we will explore together the best ways to combine characters with Chrono so far.

Top 3 Chrono Free Fire skill combos

1. Chrono + Moco + Laura + Dasha

* Chrono

top 3 combos chrono free fire

Chrono’s skill – Time Turner creates a force field that blocks 600 damage from enemies. Allied movement speed is also increased by 15% while player’s movement speed is increased by 30%. The effect lasts for 9 seconds and has a cooldown of 40 seconds.

* Moco

how to combo chrono in free fire

Moco’s skill – Hacker’s Eye marks enemies shot for 5 seconds. The location of the target will then be shared with teammates immediately.

* Laura

Free fire chrono key combo

Laura’s skill – Sharp Shooter increases the player’s accuracy by 30 when attaching the scope to the weapon.

* Dasha

How to set up chrono manual with other characters in free fire understand best

Dasha possesses a passive technique called Party On. It affects gameplay as follows:

– Reduces damage taken by 50% when falling.
– 80% reduction in recovery time when falling.
– Reduces recoil by 10% while moving and 10% of maximum recoil.

This character combo allows the player to gain the advantage in mid-range combat for a specific amount of time. Laura’s skill will increase accuracy, while Dasha’s skill will reduce the recoil speed, allowing the player to hit opponents more, and Moco’s ability will mark enemies and show their location. in a few seconds.

2. Chrono + Jai + Jota + Joseph

* Jai

how to meet chrono's manuals in free fire

Jai possesses a passive in-game skill called Raging Reload, which automatically reloads the gun with 45% of its ammo every time an opponent is killed. However, it is limited to the weapon classes AR, Pistol, SMG and SG.

* Jota

How to use chrono keys in free fire tao combo

Jota’s skill is called Sustained Raids, which instantly restores 40 HP each time he kills a target with an SMG or a Shotgun. This skill has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

* Joseph

chrono garena free fire combo

Joseph’s Nutty Movement skill increases the player’s movement and sprint speed by 20% when taking damage.

Players can use this combination to perform a burst attack as the force field will block up to 600 damage for a specific time. Furthermore, Jai and Jota’s skills sync well with SMGs and shotguns as players will recover ammo each time they take down an opponent, and also replenish HP with kills. By using Joseph’s skill, the player will be able to overcome the opponent easily.

3. Chrono + Hayato + Kelly + Moco

* Hayato

Top 3 chrono ket hop combos provide the best free fire vat

Hayato’s skill – Bushido increases the player’s armor penetration by 10% with each 10% max HP reduction.

* Kelly

top combo chrono free fire sat thuong lon best

Kelly’s skill – Dash increases the player’s sprint speed by 6%.

You can have a flexible playstyle using this combo as Kelly’s skill will increase movement speed while Hayato’s skill will increase armor penetration. Moco’s ability will then mark opponents while the force field created by Chrono’s skill will allow the player to engage in combat at various ranges.

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In Garena Free Fire, each character in the team plays a role. If you combine the skills of your team members well, you can take a lot of advantage in the fight and win easily. Above are the 3 best combo skills with Chrono in Free Fire that you can refer to and apply.

Besides the Chrono Free Fire skill combo, there are many other combo skill combinations that you should know when playing like the trio of Kelly, Maxim, Paloma or Kelly, Paloma, Caroline…

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