Top 20 best horror movies of the 21st century

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Horror film is always the most popular topic.. even for those who are weak in spirit and more than half of the movie has to be turned away. But horror movies are not only good at making the viewer face fear, but also have to build on an attractive, reasonable plot… combined with great acting to save it. in the mind of the viewer.

Although it is rare these days to appear a really good movie and not be judged as cheap, but that does not mean that we cannot find the brightest names of the century. So readers, let’s take a look at the 20 best horror movies of the 21st century (so far) right here with Emergenceingame.Com.


Saw (2004)

What if you woke up in a place isolated from other humans, where you heard the voice of a stranger.. who asked you to play new sick games in order to escape. Imagine having your feet cuffed to a pipe and he throws you a rusted saw and you discover that the saw is not for the cuffs, the chain or the pipe… but for the neck itself. your bare feet.


The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

The Purge: Anarchy is set in a society plagued by crime and murder, to the point where the Hat government has to come up with an equally sick solution.. That is every year there will be a single day. called “Purification Day” – where every crime is completely exonerated, whether it’s looting or murder. Police, hospitals or any other service will be closed on Purge Day, turning the whole of America into a true slaughterhouse where anyone can become a butcher.


The Ring (2002)

Compared to the original Japanese version of Ringu, Hollywood’s The Ring is somewhat inferior.. However, Ringu premiered in 1998 so it can hardly be counted as a movie of the 21st century. However, The Ring is still worthy. is one of the quality horror films when bringing horror from the Eastern world straight to the hearts of young Western audiences. The image of a female ghost emerging from the well and crawling out of the TV screen to reach the victim still haunts many people until now.


Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead can be considered as the first successful Zombie movie of the 21st century, accurately conveying the viewer’s frantic fear of the undead zombies flooding the streets. But unlike the Zombie movies with normal motifs, the people who used to be human do not drag and grope on the street.. They run like moths, rushing to their prey with greed. frenzied hunger. Before when they had no speed, the entire human civilization was engulfed in an instant.. Now when they run like humans, where will everything go?

The Others (2001)

Although it is a movie that is listed as a monument, very few people know about The Others. The film tells the story of a wife, a mother who has to take care of two children alone while waiting for her husband to return from the front. But in the mansion they live in, strange things begin to happen, like the two children constantly feeling that someone is living inside the house with them. Although the opening feels like a movie with the usual haunted house theme, when you go deep inside you will find a very unexpected ending.. not even years later. any horror movie can do.

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