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Talking about armor, most superhero fans immediately think of Marvel’s Iron Man. As a master of technology, Tony can create for himself countless different suits depending on the purpose. But Iron Man is not the only one famous for the coolest, most terrifying and hegemonic armor in the comic world. Batman – the image of DC’s Eternal Dark Knight, also a famous name with extremely unique and powerful armor. So readers, let’s take a look at the 15 best armor sets of The Dark Knight with Emergenceingame.Com right here.

Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond is set in a distant future in the year 2039 when Bruce Wayne has grown old and retired from his career of fighting crime. Instead he passed the Batman shirt to Terry McGinnis. Under Bruce Wayne’s tutelage, Terry McGinnis fights against the new forces that have risen and are threatening Gotham. These include Inque with the ability to transform, Shriek with the power to control sound, in addition to the original versions. the old body of Mister Freeze or Joker.

The original Batman Beyond.

But the highlight of Batman Beyond is the armor that Terry wears. Although it was developed by Bruce Wayne himself in 2019, it still carries advanced technologies far beyond the context 20 years later. There instead of having to rely on its own vehicle to navigate the air, this armor is designed with specialized wings and the ability to fly within a certain distance. In addition, it is equipped with an upgraded weapon system such as a retractable claw or a long-range Batarang. On top of that, the armor also has the ability to act like a real exosuit allowing for increased physical strength and speed of the wearer. Not to mention the ability to stealth help Batman become a true ghost in front of the enemy.

Batman Beyond skin version of Batman: Arkham Knight.


The animated series The Batman narrates the Knightfall story when the Dark Knight is defeated and mortally wounded in a confrontation with Bane. Bane with the ability to inject venom into his body and develop muscles in an instant has become a monster with a power that is almost insurmountable. To combat the new threat, Batman develops a robotic armor called the Bat-Bot.


The giant-sized Bat-Bot gives Batman the same stature as Bane when pumping venom. Along with that, it is also equipped with a servo motor that gives Batman the strength far beyond ordinary people. Above all, the Bat-Bot is also equipped with a jet set that allows to launch itself in the air for a short distance as well as reduce the force of falling in the event of an accident. But even so, the Bat-Bot was still unable to resist Bane’s frenzied destructive power and was ultimately destroyed at the hands of this evil. Fortunately, Batman in a critical situation got hold of the high-voltage wire and defeated Bane with quickness.

Suit of Sorrows

The Suit of Sorrows first appeared in 2008 when Talia al Ghul sent Batman a suit of armor with ancient powers. Cast in 1190 during the Crusades, the Suit of Sorrows with its dark powers sent the first knight into a rampage and killed hundreds of lives.


Bearing this characteristic because the Suit of Sorrows is cast from the swords and armor pieces of the warriors who died under the banner of the Order of Purity. This is a branch of the Order of St. Dumas, the mysterious force responsible for the creation of Azrael. While it is easy to drive the average person crazy, when Batman puts on his body he has enough will to control it. But while the Suit of Sorrows allows Batman to be faster and stronger, it also makes his actions increasingly violent. In the end Batman decided to give up the armor and store it at the Batcave. It was Azrael who eventually stole the Suit of Sorrows from Batman.


Exosuit in Dark Knight Return

The famous series The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller first introduces readers to an old Batman who has given up his career of eliminating tyranny and returned to Bruce Wayne’s normal life. But when Gotham eventually fell into turmoil, he was forced to return and take control once more. However, the American government at that time, which only existed corrupt elements, felt the threat in their power.. and immediately sent “pawns” under their hands, Superman, to eliminate the danger. . But as usual, Batman always prepares in advance.


There he designed a giant Exosuit strong enough to take on Superman. Equipped with thick armor, it allows Batman to withstand the punches of his “old friend”, along with a powerful enough engine to make each counterattack will make Superman step back. In addition, it is equipped with an electrical connection that allows Batman to take the energy of the entire city to launch it directly at the Man of Steel, not to mention many other toys like acid or kryptonite dust. Finally, when Batman was about to finish Superman, he suddenly had a heart attack and died very suddenly.. However that was only part of the plan because the heart attack was intended to distract the government and him. wanted an ending where both superheroes lived.

This story and Batman’s famous armor are the inspiration for the later Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.


Predator Suit

Yes you didn’t hear wrong, Batman was once pitted against the alien hunter Predator. The story begins with Batman investigating a case involving two boxers having their heads and spines removed from their bodies. At first he just thought this was the result of a simple gang war, but soon he realized an alien force called Predator was “hunting” right in the heart of Gotham City. Confronting the Predator for the first time and unprepared, Batman nearly lost his life at the hunter’s frenzied abilities.


Severely injured, Batman must rest while the number of people dying at the hands of the Predator is increasing. The Dark Knight decided to stop him even though he couldn’t even get up to step on his feet. The answer to that effort is armor with built-in sonar, designed to counter the Predator’s stealth. Even so, however, Batman still has to fight empty-handed with one of the most skilled fighters in the universe. In the end, Batman wins and proves himself a hunter far beyond Predator, causing the alien to commit suicide.​

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