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Top 10 most ridiculous real money items in the game

Top 10 món hàng mua bằng tiền thật lố bịch nhất trong game - Emergenceingame

Microtransaction (transactions in the game with real money) has really become a craze. Gone are the days when only free-to-play games needed microtransactions for maintenance – today, players can find microtransactions in every genre of game, from sports games to classic titles. from indie games to AAA games. Now, spending money to buy in-game items is as popular as spending money to buy games.

Sometimes the items you buy in the game can be quite.. bad luck: you spend money to buy without knowing how you will get the item back. In some cases, microtransactions even become absurd, when it’s the only way you can continue your game without having to bite your teeth. There are very expensive items, up to hundreds of dollars.

Here are 10 of the most ridiculous items you have to buy in real money in video games.

Star Citizen: Land papers

Top 10 món hàng mua bằng tiền thật lố bịch nhất trong game 1 - Emergenceingame

You can spend $50 to $100 to buy a piece of virtual land in an unreleased game with Star Citizen’s land purchase system. This system allows you to buy plots of land 4km x 4km called “lots” or 8km x 8km called “estates”. You do not need a land document to build in Star Citizen, but if you own the land you will be protected from vandals, if anyone touches your land they will be considered a violation. breaking the law (in the game). You can’t choose a location for your plot yet, because Star Citizen’s intended universe doesn’t even exist yet, but in the meantime you can go online to find a picture of a piece of land on your face. moon to “selfie”.

GTA 5: Lazer Jet

Top 10 món hàng mua bằng tiền thật lố bịch nhất trong game 2 - Emergenceingame

You know that jet that you love to rob all the time in the airport in GTA 5? Instead of stealing, would you rather own one for $6.5 million in-game. For your reference, an $8 million Megalodon card in the game costs $100/£65, so you can probably see that the plane is quite expensive.

Call of Duty WW2: Loot Boxes (boxes)

Objectively, the chest in WW2 is not too bad. They have a well-groomed appearance and you can buy them with in-game currency instead of real money. The ridiculous thing about the chests, however, is the way they are opened. Game developers go to great lengths to build the most satisfying and impressive unlocking experience possible. When you open the chest, your crate will drop from the sky right in the middle of the barracks and in broad daylight.

Battlefront 2: Loot Boxes

Top 10 món hàng mua bằng tiền thật lố bịch nhất trong game 3 - Emergenceingame

Battlefront 2 is a classic game about being heavily stoned for its crate opening system. Items purchased with real money have been temporarily locked and the system is being rebalanced at the time of this writing, but before that progress in the game relied heavily on crates of chance. Scarce crafting materials and low drops make game progress extremely inhibited and force players to buy more and more crates. This wave of boycotts even led to a gambling investigation that attracted the attention of authorities around the world. All in all, Battlefront 2 is a prime example of a microtransaction system that ruins the progress of a game, especially when buying Battlefront 2 alone costs a decent amount of money.

Team Fortress 2: The Key

Top 10 món hàng mua bằng tiền thật lố bịch nhất trong game 4 - Emergenceingame

Congratulations! Among the many items of Team Fortress 2, you have found a chest! What’s in it? Most of them will be repetitive items that are only worth about 8 cents, while the chest is also only cheap in the market. However, the irony is that if you want to open the chest, you will have to buy a key.

There’s nothing wrong with luck – you might end up with that rare Chargin’ Targe skin you’ve been wanting for so long – but if you have the money to open a chest, at least buy a crate that gives you some decent stuff. . CS:GO is in a similar situation – not only is the break or return on your investment extremely low, but the value of CS:GO and TF2 items can drop significantly. by the time.

Train Simulator 2015: All Train Models

Top 10 món hàng mua bằng tiền thật lố bịch nhất trong game 5 - Emergenceingame

If you’re good at something, never do it for free. Train Simulator 2015 is pretty good when it comes to train simulation, and they obviously don’t make it free. From the in-game shop you can buy new trains and new routes with real money, provided you have enough money.

“Enough money” in this case is not a simple matter. Want to run a delivery train through Donner Pass, named after the people who tried to pass through and ended up eating each other? You will have to spend $ 39.99, equal to the price of the game. To purchase all of the game’s extras, you’ll need to shell out around $4,400. I really like trains, both in simulation and in real life, but in this case I think I prefer buses.

The Hunter: Hunting License

Top 10 món hàng mua bằng tiền thật lố bịch nhất trong game 6 - Emergenceingame

You’re walking around in the hunting simulation game The Hunter, and then you spot a goose. Obviously you have no choice but to kill it. If that goose wants to be safe, don’t wander in the wild. Unfortunately, you are not hunting geese but hunting wild boar, if you want to shoot geese then you need specialized weapons and ammunition to hunt geese.

In addition, you must purchase a geese hunting license, and the license expires after a certain period of time. Not only that, but that time is also calculated in real time in real life: even if you don’t use it, the license will still expire as usual. I understand that this is a simulation game, and that in real life hunting licenses also have an expiration date, but come on! How many more difficulties must I overcome before I can hunt a goose?

FIFA: Ultimate Team

Top 10 món hàng mua bằng tiền thật lố bịch nhất trong game 7 - Emergenceingame

Want to find a good player for your FIFA squad? Be prepared to play a card game with a deck that is completely against you. You can spend money to buy decks and hope to be lucky to find a good player, but if you want to get a Messi or Ronaldo card then prepare mentally because the top players can costs millions of in-game currency, which means you have to spend hundreds of hours playing or spend hundreds of dollars in real money.

Worse yet, your player’s contract will expire, at which point you’ll need a new card, found randomly or purchased with money to renew it. Buying a real football team in real life can be even cheaper!

War Thunder: Support Plane

Top 10 món hàng mua bằng tiền thật lố bịch nhất trong game 8 - Emergenceingame

Adding planes to your squad in War Thunder is quite complicated: you unlock the plane, then you buy it, then you hire the crew, then you train the crew to fly the plane, then you upgrade the skills. flight crew skills to fly better, then write a letter to each crew member’s wife. All of the above will cost you experience or money. But there is another way to add planes: buy support planes. The point is, if your support plane is shot down, it’s gone forever.

Did the game warn you about this in advance? In their agreement it is stated: “You can have many means of support, use it as it is.” It seems that this warning is not emphasized enough when you can’t even keep the virtual plane you bought.

Dragon Age: Origins: DLC Seller

Top 10 món hàng mua bằng tiền thật lố bịch nhất trong game 9 - Emergenceingame

There’s nothing more frustrating than being in a store and the salesperson following you around, offering you offers to buy, especially when you just want to borrow their bathroom. Dragon Age: Origins attempted to recreate this frustrating experience by bringing in an NPC standing in your barracks with an exclamation mark over his head, trying to convince you to buy the game’s DLC.

Touting DLC ​​is one thing, but adding a game character to represent the game’s marketing and ruining the game experience is another. Imagine you’re reading Tolkien’s The Two Towers, and Frodo keeps reminding Sam that The Return of the King is on sale for just $7 off. Horrible.

Dead Space 3: Crafting items with money

Top 10 món hàng mua bằng tiền thật lố bịch nhất trong game 10 - Emergenceingame

A successful survival horror game requires a delicate balance, having to arrange every element carefully to ensure that the player is always in extreme danger but also at the same time. must give players just enough resources for them to narrowly escape. Dead Space 1 and 2 did an excellent job of the above.

Dead Space 3 has brought a bit of change in the above formula by… eliminating the formula completely, provided that you have to spend money. Players can buy the resources they need whenever they want, just like Isaac has the key to an intergalactic Wal-Mart. Nervous? Stress? Hopeless? Now you can pay to get rid of all of that. You don’t need to thank me!

Heroes & Generals: Pay to Name

Top 10 món hàng mua bằng tiền thật lố bịch nhất trong game 11 - Emergenceingame

Heroes & Generals is a World War II-themed free-to-play game with a standard formula for free games: gain experience and in-game currency as you play, using them to upgrade and improve. , and buy more items and bonuses with real money.

The game is still in early access, so it can be said that they are still refining a lot of things. However, at the moment, when you recruit a new soldier, he will have a random name. If you want to change his name then you will have to pay. Everyone likes to name tiny soldiers with their friends’ names so they can tease them when they die suddenly, making the game experience more fun and unique. Why make us pay for that?

World of Tanks: Car Paint

Top 10 món hàng mua bằng tiền thật lố bịch nhất trong game 12 - Emergenceingame

Want to give your car a new camouflage? Of course, who wouldn’t love that! World of Tanks has a wide variety of camouflage paint, decals and badges to decorate the war machines that you have to fight so hard to get. Of course, things are not that simple.

The new paint you just put on your tank only lasts a week before it wears off, which is downright ridiculous. Did the enemy sneak into your base late at night to meticulously scrape off the paint of your Matilda IV? If you want to decorate the tank permanently then you will have to spend real money.

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