Tips to play the most effective Angry Birds Stella

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It’s still the fight to get eggs from the hateful green pigs, but the graphics and motions of Angry Birds Stella are made very beautifully, the game colors are vibrant, bright and vivid like a quality cartoon. high. However, the point that makes Angry Birds Stella different from other versions is the special ability of the female bird monster squad.

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Angry Birds Stella is a super funny action game experience for casual players, but also a challenging game for true gamers.

Instructions to play Angry Birds Stella

The player’s weapon is still the “slingshot” (slingshot), the way to play is still how to defeat the hateful green pigs quickly. However, with new improvements, from the crazy birds have become female birds, very graceful, and lovely but have the ability to attack extremely large with a very strange but effective attack. It is these This strange new ability has helped the game Angry Birds Stella avoid boredom and at the same time urge players to explore, indulge, create amazing flight paths and let win all 3 stars after each screen. Here are a few “secret” help you to conquer Angry Birds Stella easier.

1. Understand clearly about the target to attack công

Tips to play the most effective Angry Birds Stella

Enemies are well guarded and safe within the retaining walls. If you want to destroy them quickly and effectively, you must find the weak point of that barrier to destroy. In addition, attention must be paid to their materials. BecauseDifferent materials have different levels of attack resistance. Wood and glass break easily, while metal surfaces can bear the force.

2. Come up with a reasonable strategy

Tips to play the most effective Angry Birds Stella

For each bird left after passing the table, you will be added 10,000 points. So please calculate carefully and give the bullet path “Optimal”, how to kill the most green pigs with only 1 shot. The trick here is:

  • Look closely at the battlefield. Make sure each bullet you fire destroys and destroys the target, not “heartless” form another stronghold for them from the pile of bricks and wood you just shot at.
  • To increase the accuracy of your shot, while shooting, press your hand on the target, then the bird will aim at the right place you want.
  • Focus and shoot accurately at the grape bomb to increase the damage for each shot, especially at the fortress breaking levels that are stacked with a lot of concrete, stone, and wood.
  • Change tactics flexibly. It’s not unreasonable Angry Birds is a popular game series, and quite “brain damage”. You can’t keep one shot line, how to play for all the cards. Try to be bold and explore the game right from this changing angle.
  • Remember the goal mục “3 stars” for each table.

3. Save, save and really save

Tips to play the most effective Angry Birds Stella

To pass each level of Angry Birds It’s not that simple in general. It’s even more difficult with Angry Birds Stella, because in this version, Rovio sound “determination” clean the player’s wallet. The proof is that they have designed extremely difficult tables, forcing players to spend money to buy support items such as: Pig hammer, support bird or purple clouds appear while playing… So useful advice of, that is, save the money you earn from the very first table. Or you can go back to previous songs to play again and Pop lots of coin bubbles, watch promotional videos It’s also a way to help you earn extra 20 there.

4. Understand the abilities of each bird member

Tips to play the most effective Angry Birds Stella

Each member of the squad has different abilities. With different attack power and each member possesses different “skill” own. The fact that you understand the strength and ability of each bird will help you make accurate and timely choices in cases, or the table requires a more difficult level.

5. Using Telepod

Tips to play Angry Birds Stella effectively

If you own a “Telepod”, you can scan it into the game to get permission to use a new bird by clicking Telepods while playing, put Telepod in front of mobile camera to scan and get birds for free.

Watch more clips on how to play Angry Birds Stella

Angry Birds Stella is the 10th product in Extremely popular game series Angry Birds. If you leave out a few details “hook” of the manufacturer, this will probably be the perfect entertainment game, promising to bring players moments of fun entertainment! However, the above article has introduced you to some gaming skills Angry Birds Stella already, then let’s just go along Stella and friends who are super reckless in their work defend the Golden Island against the evil Princess and the useless pigs let’s see how!

Wish you have moments of fun entertainment!

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