Tips to earn more stars in the game Play Together

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Star – Star is a currency used in the game Play Together. will summarize for you Tips to earn stars while playing Play Together.

How to earn stars fast in the game Play Together

In addition to gems – gems, stars are an indispensable currency in the game Play Together if you want to buy costumes, vehicles, furniture and more. You can check the number of stars available by looking to the right, at the top of the game screen.

You can earn stars in Play Together from minigames, fishing, daily quests, watching ads… or buying it from the store. The article will give you some tips for making money fast when playing Play Together.

Tips to earn stars quickly in the game Play Together

Star exchange

Making friends with regular Play Together players is a simple way to increase star coins. After making friends, visit each person’s house or party, then exchange stars. The more friends you have, the more stars you get.

Have a party after resetting the Play Together server

You can try organizing a party after resetting the game server because at this point, most people take on the daily task of participating in house parties and giving stars to each other.

Party in the game Play Together

Kind and friendly

Be always friendly, happy to welcome everyone to your party. Try to connect and interact with good friends. If satisfied, they will give you a lot of money for Play Together stars.

Stay friendly while playing Play Together

Don’t wait too long

If you have a party but no one shows up, you should cancel it and organize another party.

Build and decorate your home beautifully

Play Together players always give stars to homes they love. Therefore, decorate your home to be attractive, beautiful and lovely. Complete all missions, including fishing to get more stars. Then you can use them to buy furniture for the house.

Switch region

If no one accepts your party invitation, try moving to another country or region.

Here are the Tips for making money fast and effectively in Play Together. If you know any other ways to earn Play Together stars, please share with readers!

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