Tips to earn Heroes and collect Diamonds in Triple Hearts

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To be able to earn many generals and diamonds in Triple Hearts, gamers need to know a few tricks because it is not simple that you will get many of them. Some sharing tips below help gamers can own the most generals and diamonds.

If you are a gamer who is passionate about strategy games, you will know the popularity of Triple Hearts because this is a globally released product. To have a stable performance in the game, do you know what elements are needed in Triple Hearts? Like nothing else, strong champions and abundant diamonds are the key to reaching the heights and gaining the advantage in every match.

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How there are so many champions and diamonds in Triple Hearts

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Champion in the game Triple Hearts plays an extremely important role because it creates the strength of the entire battle squad of the game. Owning generals with towering power stats will of course boost your team’s fighting force to grow along. How to have many generals in the game? The simplest and only way is to recruit and own. To recruit generals in the game, players need spinning materials. Spinning so many turns will help you find the most suitable generals for the whole squad.

Having an abundant source of Diamonds allows you to do more things, especially in-game transactions. The fastest way to get a large amount of diamonds in Triple Hearts is to top up the card. Through card loading, depending on the package you load, the conversion to the number of diamonds will correspond to that loaded package.

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Download Triple Hearts – Western-style strategy game released globally

However, is it the only way to recharge to have this many wasted materials? Gamers can participate in the Growth quest for the first five days with valuable gifts. Especially in the final stage of this quest chain, the reward for gamers is up to 200 diamonds. In addition, you can also perform daily tasks. Although the number of diamonds is not much compared to the chain quest, it also gives you a certain amount. With this number of diamonds, players can spend quite comfortably, but should prioritize the most important things.

Perhaps playing the Triple Hearts game, each person will have their own secret to getting what they are missing. You can’t finish the day or two early unless there’s a loading condition. If you work hard in the game, players are fully capable of competing with the “giants” in terms of tactical formations.

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