Tips to cancel friend requests on Facebook in bulk

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If you have sent too many friend requests and want to withdraw them, instead of manually checking one by one, you can follow the way that introduces below to cancel the end invitation. friends on Facebook in bulk to save more time.

Making friends on Facebook is completely normal for anyone using the largest social network on the planet. But abuse of making friends on Facebook There will be many consequences, one of which is that you have to unfriend them on Facebook if you don’t want to anymore. Unfriending on Facebook with each day is simple, but if you want to cancel the friend request in bulk, how to do it. The list of unfriending requests on Facebook can be very long if you have made a lot of friends in the past for some purpose and at worst you will likely receive a penalty from Facebook for making friends.

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Tips to cancel a friend request on Facebook

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However, there is still a solution to help you cancel friend requests on Facebook in bulk without spending much time and effort. With a few tips that not everyone knows below, the readers of have been able to cancel friend requests on Facebook successfully.

How to cancel friend requests on Facebook in bulk

Step 1: Before instructing you how to cancel friend requests on Facebook in bulk, will guide you on how to unfriend normally that many readers may not know. First let’s go to personal Facebook page your friend, tap the add friends section and select see all Please.

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Step 2: In the See all section, tap the small text see sent invitationshere is the part where we will cancel the friend request on Facebook.

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Step 3: A list of friends who sent friend requests but didn’t respond, tap on sent a friend request.

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Step 4: Right after that, a menu panel pops up, you just need to click Cancel invitation is to be.

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Step 5: To confirm this, Facebook will ask you again about your decision to cancel your Facebook friend request, press Cancel request to confirm the above action.

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So you have finished canceling the friend request on Facebook already.

Step 6: This is how to delete friend requests on Facebook normally, but if you want to cancel in bulk you need to click on the link HERE. After accessing your Facebook interface, it will appear as a mobile phone with a list of mass cancellations and you just need to click on it. undo to withdraw your friend request.

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This operation can work on multiple objects at the same time and do not have to wait to cancel the request like the above method, so that canceling a friend request on Facebook in bulk happens faster, saving time for users.

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Above has finished the job of instructing you with a trick to cancel friend requests on Facebook already, this action will save your time a lot and pay attention only to make friends. with people you know to avoid getting into trouble with Facebook.
And if you have canceled your Facebook friend request in bulk, you must also have mass Facebook friends, right, do you know how to make Facebook friends in bulk? If not, why not refer to’s way of making Facebook friends in bulk, with just a single click it will help you do all the work.

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