Tips for playing Ruins PUBG Mobile map that gamers should know

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The new PUBG Mobile Ruins map brings a classic esports scene like a famous copy of the De_Dust2 map, the map in the game Counter Strike, making FPS strategists feel very excited to join the live experience on mobile.

In PUBG Mobile version 0.15.5 has brought players a lot of new content, the new and most prominent Royale Pass Season 10 system is still the Team DeathMatch map, Ruins. Here are some game tips map Ruins PUBG Mobile that gamers should know, refer to for a better playing strategy, easier to win.

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Strategy to play Team DeathMatch Ruins PUBG Mobile

So by analyzing the map, what gid can we learn? First and foremost, Ruins PUBG Mobile map is an open environment with the main corner being replaced by simple obstacles, in the middle of the map appears a fork connecting the two sides of zones A and B, usually constantly moving, not defending in place.

meo play ban do ruins pubg mobile ghost game thu nen biet 2

Recommended weapon
Although there are many weapons to choose from in each respawn on the Ruins PUBG Mobile map, most players will opt for a rifle or a sniper rifle. For those who prefer cornering or holding positions, pick up fancy assault rifles and Kar98 sniper rifles. As for those who like to move constantly, they will see the effectiveness of SMG.

Tactics on the Red side
– If someone runs to the left of Long, it means they will pass Stairs.
– If you are going to snipe through door B, move deep inside, don’t stand at the stairs.
– You can throw grenades through door B to deal with any groups or people who are dying there.
– You can avoid the Long Hallway snipers by climbing the crates through door B and under the bridge to go straight into the B/Catwalk.

Tactics of side A
– The stairs next to the respawn point are still the best place to snipe through the Long Hallway / Door B.
– Throw a grenade through Door A so it bounces off the wall and you can deal with anyone hiding behind 2 crates, very useful.
– Use Path B to deal with campers at gate A or shoot other shooters at gate B.
– You can jump to the upper floor of Area B as soon as you respawn. This can be the best escape strategy for you to avoid confrontation immediately upon reincarnation.

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Of course, some of these tactics only really work at the start of the match. That’s the biggest difference between the two versions of this iconic map. The ability to move and climb on the Ruins map PUBG Mobile Ruins is much faster than the De_Dust2 Counter Strike map.

Of course, Camping in high positions, hiding in the bushes, cliffs, and forest edges is also really necessary, but it is very easy to be detected, so constantly moving or changing hiding places will help. you are more stealthy, the enemy is elusive the action is best. Please refer to the version PUBG Mobile update 0.15.5 if you haven’t read through it here.
– Link to download Android version: PUBG Mobile for Android
Link to download iOS version: PUBG Mobile for iPhone

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